“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

Julian Assange, Secrets And The Metropolitan Elite.

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It is very hard in the Internet age to keep a secret, as Wikileaks have shown. Someone will normally release a document or better still an incriminating video, and then the whole world knows.

YouTube is replete with every form of embarrassing video clip known to humanity, and then some.

However, if you were to look for a video clip of Julian Assange’s latest outing at the Kensington Town Hall, you won’t find anything, yet.

Not only that, but if you weren’t part of the Metropolitan Elites, a New Statesman reader or an interested media type then you probably wouldn’t know it was actually going on, in the first place.

If you did make it, then entry would cost you £20, concessions costing £15.00, not cheap in the age of austerity.

Hunting around assiduously you might find a slightly incoherent page on the New Statesman which purports to be live blogging, but it is next to impossible to follow the debate between Julian Assange and Douglas Murray, etc

Certainly, from the photos it seems to be well attended, by the Metropolitan Elites, but that doesn’t help anyone outside of London wanting to follow the debate.

I would speculate that the New Statesman might have considered doing Live Streaming during the planning of this event, as it is cheap and easy to do, but could have been overruled by a paranoid Julian Assange?

I say that as Assange has a bit of a track record with this type of behaviour. When doing the rounds in Cambridge and sucking up to the would-be elites Assange forbade video recording when he spoke.

It is all rather peculiar, all rather 1950s, keeping discussions within a self selecting few and restricting information on the wider issues.

Readers might think that goes against the ethos of Wikileaks, but it’s hardly surprising, those who have power and control, however, small it is, will often abuse and use it for their own ends. Julian Assange and the Metropolitan Elites are no different in that respect.

Still, I am not sure that Julian Assange or his hosts have a sufficiently well developed sense of irony to see the problem with their own conduct!

Who knows, perhaps, someone will secretly release a bootleg video of the event?

Update 1: Esther Addley adds more:

“But the political commentator Douglas Murray, director of the centre for social cohesion, challenged Assange over the website’s sources of funding, its staffing and connections with the Holocaust denier Israel Shamir, who has worked with the site.

“What gives you the right to decide what should be known or not? Governments are elected. You, Mr Assange are not.”

Murray also challenged the WikiLeaks founder over an account in a book by Guardian writers David Leigh and Luke Harding, in which the authors quote him suggesting that if informants were to be killed following publication of the leaks, they “had it coming to them”.

Assange repeated an earlier assertion that the website “is in the process of suing the Guardian” over the assertion, and asked if Murray would like to “join the queue” of organisations he was suing.

The Guardian has not received any notification of such action from WikiLeaks or its lawyers.

Jason Cowley, the editor of the New Statesman and chair of the debate, interjected to ask: “How can the great champion of open society be using our libel laws to challenge the press?” “

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  1. […] New Statesman failed to organise Live Streaming of their recent event with Julian Assange and couldn’t even get themselves organise to put it on […]

  2. This is a great example of what happens when halfwits with a vivid imagination and too much time on their hands write blog posts.

    The event was videoed in by two crews, and will be available online in full soon. If you were paying attention you might have noticed all the cameras… they weren’t just for show. Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no big conspiracy. Please get your facts right before you start spreading unfounded rumours on the internet.

    Greame Jones

    11/04/2011 at 20:05

  3. I am glad that this halfwit has company in you, Mr Jones.

    The gist of my post was not towards conspiracy theory, but incompetence.

    I would expect such an event to advertise that it will be Live Streamed, even if it cut down on the revenue (and £20 is not a paltry sum), further I would expect, if its not streamed then to indicate that it will be on YouTube.

    Get the point, fellow half wit? The New Statesman were incompetent in not managing the technology and still more so in not advertising that they would release clips on YouTube (which I was going to post about, but had things to do).

    Got that? Or shall I re-post 🙂


    11/04/2011 at 20:34

  4. Keep cool guys – more cold showers and good sex is called for…. I think most of us are on the same side? Humanity or something?…..

    I tell you what is very strange – that independent, Telegraph, Financial Times, Times, Daily Mail, Express, Sun, Mirror all seem to have totally ignored the event….. That in itself is a story – who has told them not to cover it? Why? Why did they obey? Is Britain now a fascist dictatorship?…..


    11/04/2011 at 21:07

  5. […] have already admitted that the New Statesman disappoints me, but as it reflects much of the Metropolitan Elite I can’t say it surprises […]

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