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Vittorio Arrigoni And The Need For The Geneva Accords.

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No one should sneer or joke about the death of Vittorio Arrigoni, rather our humanity should make us think of why it happened and what the alternatives are.

The continued violence in the Middle East only brutalises people, it desensitises them and makes any settlement harder to achieve.

The on-going conflict in the Middle East is a political problem and requires political solutions, not military gung-honess, attacks on buses or the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni.

Such a political solution is the Geneva Accords.

These accords try to balance the wants and desires of all parties, and endeavour to find reasonable compromises to these seemingly intractable problems.

For peace in the Middle East a degree of realism is needed on all sides, no one is going to vanish or go away, so a modus vivendi must be found.

The Geneva Accords offer an outline of a settlement and should be given greater prominence in light of Vittorio Arrigoni’s death, lest nihilism and the status quo linger on, leading to further killings and the brutalisation of so many more.

Written by modernityblog

16/04/2011 at 01:30

13 Responses

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  1. Amen.


    16/04/2011 at 02:28

  2. This is silly. The violence that you speak of is not organic, but organized and deliberate, on the part of people like Arrigoni, Hamas and the PA who claim to speak for the Palestinians.
    And it works.
    Your proposal shows that it works. You are willing to go as far as imposing the “Geneva Accords” as a reaction to this violence; many others are willing to go much farther: the dissolution of Israel and the bloody dispersal of its citizens.
    You would not react this way were violence not an effective method.
    Nor would you react this way if you were to think harder about the way violence has been deployed against your sensibilities – as it certainly was by poor Arrigoni, who advocated tirelessly for violence against Jews and self-sacrifice by Arabs (and who btw earlier denounced the hero of your latest post as a traitor). He was not “brutalised and desensitised” – his ultraleft comrades in Italy sent him to Gaza in order precisely to promote brutality against others – and to desensitize Gazans against that brutality and its utter pointlessness, and blind them to their own subjection to tyrants.
    Much of the bloodshed of the last twenty years was put into motion by well-intentioned Americans who cared about peace, were revolted (properly) by the violence, and decided to install the PLO over the heads of the Palestinians for their own good. The result was many more dead and a much more difficult political problem to solve. Please don’t you add to the long roll of well-intentioned harmful decisions with dreadful unintended consequences.

    Sam Schulman

    16/04/2011 at 05:56

  3. Sam,

    You are misreading what I wrote.


    16/04/2011 at 13:55

  4. Possibly I may be, but I can only imagine that I am misreading the letter not the spirit in which you write. You think a political solution such as the Geneva Accords would end or reduce the violence. Let’s stipulate that such an accord were magically accepted by all responsible parties on both sides. My point is that this eventuality (however fantastic I regard it) would not reduce violence one bit, much less end it, partly because of the cher colleagues of poor Arrigoni.
    That violence can only be ended by stoic resistance on the part of those who suffer from it, patient support and sympathy for those who do suffer for it from those who live in comfortable safety (as you and I do) and you) and contempt for it on the part of those like you and me, massively and proudly deployed.

    Sam Schulman

    16/04/2011 at 19:35

  5. Fair enough, Sam, you see the future with your crystal ball and I can’t.

    You’re right, I’m wrong.

    Let’s leave it at that, there’s no common ground between us.


    16/04/2011 at 20:16

  6. @modernity, I don’t see why you and sam can’t find the common ground between the two of you-surely the distance to travel is not so great>.. why end so abruptly saying;’lets leave it at that’, how can people have a discussion when they are cut off?. surely the most important thing is to listen to others views, listening is chief among the tools we reason with.


    17/04/2011 at 15:46

  7. The on going conflict in the Middle East is more than a political one that merely requires a political solution, it is also ideological, Hamas and the various other factions in the Middle East are not the IRA… they have a completely different mindset


    17/04/2011 at 15:49

  8. “surely the most important thing is to listen to others views, “

    Fair point, but I nowadays make the assumption that if someone is not troubled to read my posts and then completely gets the wrong end of the stick, then they are probably not interested in what I have to say, and as such probably won’t listen to my further points thus there is NO point is trying.

    If someone tries I try, but if they don’t, well…

    I got bit over the Balkans posts and so I tend to reciprocate nowadays, if the people are serious I will engage with them, but if they are not…..


    18/04/2011 at 22:39

  9. I must agree with the discernment of smtx01 – I can’t see how I evidenced not having “troubled to read your post” or gotten the wrong end of the stick. I quoted you at several points, questioned you about specific beliefs and expressed my disagreement with specific things you said. I must say that if you think the differences in outlook and analysis between you and me are so immense as to be impossible to discuss, I can’t feel confident in your opinion that your favored “brand-name” Key to All Mythologies solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict balances “the wants and desires of all parties” and finds “reasonable compromises” to intractable problems.

    Sam Schulman

    19/04/2011 at 03:27

  10. No Sam,

    For the second time you have misread me**.

    And if you go on misreading me why would I want to exchange views with you, when anything I say will be misunderstood.

    The purpose of communication is to exchange views and if you have deliberately misread what I write several times, then I can only assume that you will do that again and again.

    In such a case there seems little point in exchanging views with you.

    However, if you wish to have a rant on my blog fire away.

    **Logically, I would know that you are misreading what I’ve written because I’m the author, therefore I know what I was trying to get at, and also when you’ve misunderstood it.


    19/04/2011 at 12:20

  11. Of course I accept your word that you are being misread, but please accept mine that you have not edified me on the nature of my misreading – and to me this seems like a refusal that is discourteous; as I don’t think I was – except perhaps for the “silly” phrase, for which I apologize.
    I found your Balkan posts interesting and made me rethink views which I had long held – and even written on in newspapers during the Kosovo war (still residing somewhere on the web archives).
    So let’s part coldly, then.

    Sam Schulman

    19/04/2011 at 13:52

  12. “and to me this seems like a refusal that is
    discourteous; “

    You can take offence any way you like, but if you are TOO lazy, stupid or uninterested to read my view with any care then frankly I am not too trouble to engage with you even in a semi-serious fashion, as everything else that I write will presumably be misread too.

    Shorter version: If you make an effort, I do. If you don’t I won’t.

    Or shall I repeat that?


    19/04/2011 at 14:49

  13. Oh god it’s hell to be
    Alone, alone, alone.

    Sam Schulman

    19/04/2011 at 15:09

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