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Closer Links: Julian Assange And The Far Rightist, Israel Shamir.

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Rosie has provided an invaluable link to the Swedish ant-fascist site,

They have information showing that Julian Assange’s links to the Far Rightist, Israel Shamir, are much closer and more extensive than had been first thought.

Readers will remember how the BBC had a confidential email exchange between the two, which indicated a friendly relationship, with Assange suggesting Shamir might use an alias to hide his connection to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks’ subsequent statement on Israel Shamir was decidedly unsatisfactory. Basically, they said he was just another journalist and they treated him as such.

However, it is clear from the article that Wikileaks’ response was very far from the truth.

Below is an extract taken from the Expo magazine and a Google translation from the original Swedish, which is not perfect but sufficient to explain the issues:

“Cooperation between Julian Assange and the Swedish anti-Semite Israel Shamir is denser than previously stated. Expo has taken note of several emails that show that Assange Shamir asked for help to build Wikileaks Swedish network.

According to Wikileaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson traded contacts between Julian Assange and Israel Shamir on a project.

– We have not checked the political and personal views of the thousands of journalists we worked with, “he told the Expo.

But e-mails as part of the Expo has shown that cooperation lasted for years. Back in 2008, Shamir was asked to provide proposals to potential partners in Sweden.

Shamir responds by proposing his son, John Wahl, without mentioning anything about their relationship:

“He is a Swedish citizen, living in Sweden. Probably he will be able to advise you on press freedom – in the journal [tornado / red.anm.] Is startling revelations about the media assaults.”

In an email dated June 2010 shows that Shamir and Assange still had a role in Wikileaks Swedish network .. “Tell the team to be prepared; Health them from me: We have much work to do,” writes Assange in response to Shamir. “

Again, the points are:

  • There was an email exchange between Israel Shamir and Wikileaks.
  • That exchange dates back three years, to 2008.
  • Shamir was asked by Wikileaks to suggest potential partners in Sweden.
  • Assange was communicating with Shamir as late as June 2010 concerning Wikileaks in Sweden.
  • Clearly, Wikileaks would not have communicated with Israel Shamir in this fashion unless they had an intimate relationship with him. It is apparent that they trusted Shamir’s judgement on many matters.

    Yet in all of those years Wikileaks could not be bothered to simply google him and find out about Shamir’s Far Right activities, his links to Belarus’ President, his promotion of Holocaust denial and active antisemitism.

    It is hardly credible to believe that they didn’t know about his views and activities.

    As information comes out it is abundantly clear that Wikileaks has been dishonest about their ties to Israel Shamir. All very unsatisfactory.

    Update 1: The Swedish tabloid,, has picked up on the issues (apologies for another Google translation):

    Pen Friends

    Magnus Ljunggren read of a revealing e-mail correspondence.

    Israel Shamir is by now notorious for its rampant Jew-hatred and his sympathy for all the world’s dictatorships. While he still works – along with his son John Wahl – who Wikileaks intermediary in Russia. Julian Assange seems adamantly stick to his rasistvän (which he initially wanted to hide behind a pseudonym).

    All this you understand better when you take some of Jonathan Lehman sensational records of ties between Shamir and Assange in the new issue of the Expo (# 2 / 2011). It is clear that the two together with Wahl forming a tightly-troika. Father and son have been tried in different ways to deny its intimate association. Wikileaks its part, officially stated Shamir that only one of many partners. But the truth is another.

    It began, according to Lehman, with the Assange, loaded on Shamir books, took the email contact as early as 2007 and suggested cooperation. On 6 February 2008 launched the so Shamir in a letter Wahl, presently editor of the journal tornado, as Swedish contact person.

    In June 2010, everything seemed to go like a charm. Shamir wrote from Paris to Assange: “On Tuesday I shall go to Sweden where it is a whole machinery in motion for you.” It was two months after Wahlströms big interview in Aftonbladet with Assange that opened on his early visit to Stockholm and columnist contracts with the same paper – in conjunction with developed plans to anchor the entire Wikileaksprojektet on Swedish soil. “

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    1. I’ve said this before but I find this continual downplaying of the association between the Sham Israeli and Assange by Wikileaks very peculiar. Why not come clean, say “this was a bad error of judgement” and then move on? In an enterprise as big as Wikileaks it’s not a huge blot, and everyone is entitled to make a mistake or two. But they keep dodging and weaving.

      Assange also keeps saying he is going to sue the Guardian for libel, but never does. This just seems like pointless foolishness.


      29/05/2011 at 09:19

    2. Indeed, but to do so involves character and the ability to admit they did something wrong? Most people don’t like doing that.

      Equally, many people in Wikileaks might not find Shamir’s views *that* objectionable?

      That’s a thought?


      29/05/2011 at 14:06

    3. Certainly Assange won’t ever admit he was wrong and his is the paranoiac style – if something goes wrong it’s because people are plotting against him.

      Wikileaks groupies may think it’s no big deal, or that Sham is being “anti-Zionist”. The guy who left to start Openleaks found it pretty outrageous though.

      I’ve just read in the Telegraph that Assange is appearing at the Hay on Wye festival. He’s talking about how global politics have changed in the wake of Wikileaks. Saturday June 4th. Questions can be sent to him at


      29/05/2011 at 16:40

    4. Good point Rosie, but still…

      Anyone into technology, almost, automatically google people….I find it hard to believe that NO one inside Wikileaks took the 2 seconds needed to throw Shamir’s name into Google.

      Having done that, it is pretty clear that Israel Shamir has some very serious hangups with Jews (understatement)….

      My bet is that they knew, but didn’t care….

      Humm, questions for Assange…hmm..


      29/05/2011 at 16:59

    5. […] covered this a few days ago, but thankfully Jonathan Leman has released a good quality English translation: “The […]

    6. I’ve sent a question – doubt it will be answered, but here’s the wording:-

      What is your relationship with Israel Shamir? In a statement to Private Eye Wikileaks said that Israel Shamir has never been an “agent” of Wikileaks, and generally minimises your relationship. Could you please explain then the recent article on the Swedish anti-fascist site Expo which stated that you had been in contact with him to recommend potential associates in Sweden for analysing the Wikileaks data. In an interview with Agora Vox you have echoed his own view of himself that he is persecuted like Salman Rushdie and according to a Panorama programme you emailed him, going along with one of his aliases “Adam” and describing his work as “strong and compassionate”. Do you still hold that view of Shamir and his writing?


      03/06/2011 at 13:09

    7. damn fine question.


      03/06/2011 at 22:02

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