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Over In Syria, Hamza Ali al-Khateeb.

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The situation in Syria is still very serious, yet in the West comparatively little is heard of Syrian’s dire circumstances or the true level of State organised murder.

In the Western media, the regime’s violent is under reported and not given the prominence that it should have.

This is another example of how the dictatorship in Syria treats people:

“BEIRUT — The boy’s head was swollen, purple and disfigured. His body was a mess of welts, cigarette burns and wounds from bullets fired to injure, not kill. His kneecaps had been smashed, his neck broken, his jaw shattered and his penis cut off.

What finally killed him was not clear, but it appeared painfully, shockingly clear that he had suffered terribly during the month he spent in Syrian custody.

Hamza Ali al-Khateeb was 13 years old.

And since a video portraying the torture inflicted upon him was broadcast on the al-Jazeera television network Friday, he has rapidly emerged as the new symbol of the protest movement in Syria. His childish features have put a face to the largely faceless and leaderless opposition to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime that has roiled the country for nine weeks, reinvigorating a movement that had seemed in danger of drifting.

It is too early to tell whether the boy’s death will trigger the kind of critical mass that brought down the regimes in Egypt and Tunisia earlier this year and that the Syrian protests have lacked. But it would not be the first time that the suffering of an individual had motivated ordinary people who might not otherwise have taken to the streets to rise against their governments. “

3 Responses

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  1. This is so vile and graphic. ALL the perpetrators should have their day in court; maybe Assad’s in the Hague. Or hand him over to Hamza’s family.
    So, at what level does the International Court take notice? Obviously at a much higher level than this.

    Assad’s regime has murdered what, only 1,000 victims?
    How many did Mubarak murder?

    And in the Daily Mail’s comments, only one mentions religion, probably because of their libel laws.
    Any religion could have perpetrated these crimes; but they have different probabilities in different religions, for example Buddhism. Therefore, they are more a matter of the character of the torturers, and their schooling, training etc.
    But this is the same religion which did the same things to Zahra Kazemi, in Iran. I don’t think Zoroastrians would have done that.

    Tim Bus

    01/06/2011 at 19:55

  2. A horrendous death for an innocent child!
    Rest in Peace, Hamza.

    Clinton has spoken up, has Obama nothing to say?
    Puts water boarding into perspective doesn’t it?


    01/06/2011 at 21:22

  3. SweetThing2U,

    Let’s not go there eh?


    01/06/2011 at 21:24

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