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Paid To Get Shot?

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I think anyone that follows the Middle East would appreciate how the despots and dictators in that region have manipulated, exploited and used the Palestinians as a political football, for their own purposes, but even I was surprised at this story in the Guardian:

“Israeli troops have clashed with protesters on the Syrian border for the second time in less than a month, with several dozen reported injured and claims that up to 20 had been killed.

The violence had been widely predicted after organisers called for a symbolic March on Israel to mark 44 years since the beginning of the six day war in 1967.

However, the clashes were smaller in scale than the last time pro-Palestinian activists confronted Israeli soldiers along borders with Syria, the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon.

The Syrian village of Majd al-Shams was again the focal point with an estimated 1,000 Syrians and Palestinians surging to within 20 metres of the fenced off border over six hours. They threw stones and molotov cocktails at Israeli troops as snipers fired rubber-coated bullets and live rounds at some activists,

One demonstrator who was wounded that day told the Guardian the Lebanese militia Hezbollah had given him $50 to turn up at the border and $900 to have his gunshot wounds treated by physicians. He said he had been planning to return to Maroun al-Ras yesterday until the rally was cancelled.

But as the Syrian government’s brutal crackdown on protests show, protesters are only allowed to gather when the state allows them. The Golan area of Syria is off-limits without state permission.

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  1. I’m almost shocked by the Gaurdian’s attempt to report the facts as they are, without embellishing them with anti-Israeli ad misericordiam argumentations and . It’s as if I stepped into a correct universe after spending too long in the ethical bizarro world of the Guardian.


    05/06/2011 at 23:44

  2. Wait, they’ll more than counter balance this, in the next few days.

    And the facts were embedded in the piece.

    They might have said, NO one can get to the Golan with the Syria govt agreeing to in, as they have to pass THREE checkpoints, etc etc

    they might have connected it to the Syrian govt, but they didn’t really, very lazy journalism from the Guardian, but that’s what happens.

    Sometimes they are very sharp and cynical of politicians’ motives, but if a thug in the ME arrange an anti-Israeli event they suspend nearly all reason.


    06/06/2011 at 00:57

  3. “The Syrian village of Majd al-Shams”

    Emmm… The Israeli village of Majd al-Shams. It is on our side of the international border. I know because I have passed right by the entrance to the village on my way to sliding in the snow in Mount Hermon. I would know if I had seen a Syrian soldier guarding the village.

    Fabian ben Israel

    06/06/2011 at 10:55

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