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Hamas And Women.

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Over at Flesh is Grass, Hamas’s ban on women driving.


Adam Holland points out Alison Weir’s conspicuous racism:

“Alison Weir has had ample opportunity to reconsider her promotion of medieval anti-Semitic myths — myths which have been used to justify massacre and oppression — yet she has chosen to reiterate them and to cite new sources in support of them. Rather than thanking her critics for pointing out her initial error in judgment, she has attacked them as motivated by a desire to suppress the facts. Not correcting an error of the magnitude of promoting the blood libel compounds the original error and calls Weir’s good faith as a reporter into question. Her imputing the motives of those who point out her error calls into question whether she’s interested in the truth concerning this matter at all.”

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12/10/2009 at 13:40