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Emotional, Tired Or Racist?

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There’s plenty of denial in Western societies concerning anti-Jewish racism.

When it does occur in the open, naked and is undeniable then various excuses are often forthcoming.

Readers will remember how Baroness Tonge’s erratic behaviour, conspiracy theories and capitulation to anti-Jewish racism was explained away by her colleagues.

Lord Wallace, a Lib Dem peer, even went so far as to say that she was “…over-emotional, mistaken.”

We’ve heard it before with Oliver Stone and his cretinous remarks concerning Adolf Hitler.

Remember Madeleine Kirk?

So should we be surprised when an ex-SWP activist, Clare Solomon, starts spouting racism, against Jews?

““There is no such thing as the ‘Jewish race’. Yes, there is the Jewish religion, but not a Jewish people per se.

“The view that Jews have been persecuted all throughout history is one that has been fabricated in the last 100 or so years to justify the persecution of Palestinians. To paint the picture that all Jews have always had to flee persecution is just plainly inaccurate.”

Now her defence is that:

“This badly-worded comment was something that I wrote in haste on Facebook at a very busy period. I’m sorry for any misunderstandings caused by what I wrote.”

Thus, the excuses have been over emotional, tired or too busy to think, whatever next?

More is the pity that such people can’t admit that racism affects their underlying thinking and these gaffs are just an unguarded moment when their racism slips out into the open.

Update 1: I am not really here, but on the Engage thread they are ably pulling apart Solomon’s racism and her non-apology.

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20/12/2010 at 05:10

Oliver’s Excuse?

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More entertainment news, astute readers will have read about Oliver Stone’s weird and racist views.

As a bit of a joke, I am asking readers to speculate on the type of defence that Oliver Stone will make after his slippage into Mel Gibson territory.

What will Oliver “The Jewish domination of the media” Stone argue:

1. That he was misquoted?
2. [Use the Tonge/Young excuse]. That he took an over-emotional approach to the topic?
3. He was drunk?
4. He’s another victim of Elders of Zion?
5. It was mistaken identity, Mel Gibson did the interview, Stone wasn’t even in the country.
6. “Some of my best friends are….”
7. Your choice…

Please share your insights into Oliver Stone’s mentality, a potential prize for the funniest.

PS: See Oliver Stone: The Living Embodiment of the Red-Brown Alliance.

(H/T: CiF Watch)

Update 1: Z Word blog puts it succinctly, Oliver Stone is an Antisemite.

Update 2: Granted I don’t follow him much, but I hadn’t fully realised what a seriously demented individual Stone was:

“Earlier this year, Stone told assembled reporters during Winter TV Press Tour that his 10-hour documentary Showtime documentary entitled “The Secret History of America” will show that Adolf Hitler was “an easy scapegoat” and will help put the mass murderer in context.

“We can’t judge people as only ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ [Hitler] is the product of a series of actions,” Stone says. “It’s cause and effect. People in America don’t know the connection between WWI and WWII.”

I am speechless.

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Too Polite By Half.

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The CST blog is good.

It has plenty of coverage of topics which are not in the political mainstream, but I fear that the CST are often far too polite, or at least understate things 🙂

They have a piece on “Stuart Littlewood at the anti-Zionist website Redress”, which I reproduce below in full.

Readers might remember Littlewood and the antisemitic site, redress? He was a constant defender of Baroness Tonge. I detailed the nature of redress’s racism here.

But back to CST’s post [Warning: watch out for the link to the BPP, they are a pile of neo-Nazis]:

Numerus Clausus

May 25th, 2010 by Dave Rich

Stuart Littlewood at the anti-Zionist website Redress has spotted a problem with the composition of the new Parliament:

“Proportional Representation” is a big buzz-word in the UK these days. It implies fairer voting and fairer government. It is claimed to give minorities a better chance of being heard and therefore, they say, it should be incorporated into the “new politics” our shiny new coalition government has promised us.

But one minority group needs no help in that direction.

The Jewish Chronicle has published a list of Jewish MPs in Britain’s parliament. It names 24 – Conservatives 12, Labour 10 and Liberal Democrats two.

I thought it was more. But let us for the sake of argument accept the Jewish Chronicle’s figures.

The Jewish population in the UK is 280,000 or 0.46 per cent. There are 650 seats in the House of Commons so, as a proportion, Jewish entitlement is only three seats.


Jewish over-representation is only part of our problem. An even bigger worry is the huge number of non-Jew Zionists that have stealthily infiltrated every level of political and institutional life.

Things get even more serious when you look at the Party leaderships:

Meanwhile two Jews – the Miliband brothers – are battling for the leadership of the beaten Labour Party … [David] Cameron, 43, had no significant achievement under his belt but was able to manoeuvre himself, with the help of Jewish backers, into Britain’s prime minister slot.

The Jewishness of the Miliband brothers has so far played no role in the public debate over the Labour leadership, and is unlikely to do so beyond the pages of the Jewish media. So it is noteworthy to see which websites, fringe groups and conspiracy-mongers feel compelled to point it out.

UPDATE: We are not the only ones to have noticed Littlewood’s article: it has been reproduced in full on the website of the neo-Nazi British People’s Party. They have captioned it with the quote by the conspiracy theorist Nesta Webster that, “England is no longer controlled by Britons, we are under the invisible Jewish dictatorship, a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life“, and illustrated it with this flag:


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Blogs And Comments.

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I am away for a few days and guess what, a mountain of emails arrive and some peculiar comments to moderate come in.

The emails I can stand.

But getting a silly arse comment like “there is plenty of evidence from mainstream TV showing Israeils getting illegal kidney “ is pushing it.

So I follow the poster’s link, to his site (or favoured forum, I can’t work out which), and low and behold then I am confronted by even more mindless racism.

Profanities on his site scream out at you, shouted at immigrants, the French, any ethnic minority, etc.,

Yes, you guessed it.

Those who happened to share Baroness Tonge’s view, that there should be an investigation into the ludicrous idea that supposedly ‘Israelis went all the way to Haiti to harvest the organs of the earthquake survivors’, are often thick racists too.

Not only are these people conspicuous racists and bigots, but they’re not even subtle about their other absurd views.

That website (and please forgive me if I don’t wish to give you it for the moment) is replete with the almost obligatory page on 9.11. Not unsurprisingly, for a pile of twisted cranks, one of the articles is entitled:

“Why Do Jews Hate 9/11 Truth?”

Presumably it was written by a neo-Nazi or one of their mates, that the type of pond that Baroness Tonge swims in.

In short, these people are the fringe of the fringe, singularly incapable of realising how far they are detached from reality and oozing bigotry at every turn.

Be warned, this site is probably a neo-Nazi front, but please decide for yourself. Warning racist and disgusting material abounds, take care.

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19/05/2010 at 22:01

Lib Dems: Don’t Upset The Money.

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I often wondered why the Liberal Democrats could not bring themselves to sufficiently reprimand Baroness Tonge for her racism and why they couldn’t see it in themselves to expel her, now the reason for that may be apparent.

Seemingly, the Lib Dems received some support from a billionaire “Anti-Zionist” and were probably careful not to upset him, by doing anything with Baroness Tonge.

Either that or the Lib Dems didn’t see the racism inherent in Baroness Tonge’s long history of outbursts:

“Ms Tonge said: “The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a grip on our party.”

The JC has more:

“A controversial Iraqi-British billionaire who funds one of the UK’s most strongly anti-Zionist websites organised a banquet in honour of Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, and a fundraiser for Susan Kramer, the party’s candidate in the high-profile seat of Richmond Park.

Nadhmi Auchi, 73, was convicted of fraud in the giant French Elf-Aquitaine oil company trial in 2003 and given a suspended sentence, although he is seeking to appeal the verdict.

The Lib Dems told the JC that the connection between the party and the billionaire was limited to the two events and that Mr Auchi was not a donor to the party.

Mr Clegg spoke at a dinner hosted by Mr Auchi’s Anglo-Arab Organisation, set up to promote understanding between Britain and the Arab world last November. The Lib Dems confirmed that the AAO also organised a £60-a-head dinner for Ms Kramer, which raised around £5,000.

Mr Auchi’s Middle East Online site promotes material by well-known anti-Zionists such as musician-activist Gilad Atzmon and Jeff Gates, who runs the anti-Israel “Criminal State” blog.

Mr Auchi also helped fund the first of George Galloway’s “Viva Palestina” convoys taking aid to Gaza.

The former Lib Dem leader Lord Steel is a longstanding director of Mr Auchi’s Luxembourg-registered company General Mediterranean Holdings. Other politicians who have worked with Mr Auchi include Lord Lamont and former minister Keith Vaz.”

I suppose that for all their steely principles that the Lib Dems didn’t want to upset the money, or the potential money.

Update 1: The Lib Dem voice is hosting a discussion somewhat related to this topic on the thread, LibLink: Lynne Featherstone calls for peace in Jewish Chronicle

Baroness Tonge – The Penny Drops.

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She finally did it, Baroness Tonge has resigned as patron of the Palestinian Telegraph.

This turn of events is to be welcomed, as the Palestinians’ cause should not be associated with the likes of David Duke, the JC reports:

“Baroness Jenny Tonge has withdrawn her patronage of the Palestine Telegraph after the paper posted a video of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke claiming that Israel is a terrorist threat to America.

The LibDem peer has often been attacked for her patronage of the Palestine Telegraph, which has previously linked IDF doctors to organ theft in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.

Baroness Tonge’s name has been removed from the website. Press TV journalist and sister of Cherie Blair, Lauren Booth, Respect MP George Galloway and Luisa Morgantini, Vice President of European Parliament all remain patrons. The former LibDem MP is believed to have emailed the newspaper to say that she no longer wishes to be a patron.

The video, featuring Mr Duke, an American white nationalist, with the headline “Israel’s terror against America”, was on the front page of the Palestine Telegraph’s website.”

What I find strange is that it took this long.

Surely once the Palestinian Telegraph started pushing the racist Offal libel that was when Baroness Tonge should have thrown in the towel and distanced herself from those vile accusations.

I wonder if the other patrons of the Palestinian Telegraph will have such courage now that the penny has dropped about David Duke?

Update 1: I forgot, that well known racist Gilad Atzmon is still writing for the Palestinian Telegraph as this article shows.

The Lib Dem Baroness, Her Patronage And David Duke.

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Baroness Tonge has many duties and is probably canvassing for the Liberal Democrats as I write, but one of her sidelines is as the patron of the Palestinian Telegraph.

She presumably agrees with much that it writes, even when it indulges in the Offal libel and openly pushes anti-Jewish racism.

She presumably even reads it once in a while?

So I wonder how will she react when she sees David Duke’s face on the front of the Palestinian Telegraph’s web site?

Will she condemn it? Or will she try to excuse it away?

I would hope that even Baroness Tonge is familiar with David Duke, neo-Nazi and onetime grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan?

Surely she would realise why it is a very bad idea for the Palestinians’ cause to be associated with such a despicable professional racist and arch antisemite.

What type of editorial process goes on in the Palestinian Telegraph which means it finds it acceptable to post a David Duke video ? Unbelievable. What racist filth.

[H/T: Michael Weiss]

Update 1: Just in case there is any doubt, here’s a screen shot:

David Duke at the Palestinian Telegraph.

Update 2: I wrote this tongue in cheek guide about 2 years ago, but it seems even more relevant nowadays.

For UCU Activists – How To Avoid Re-posting from Neo-Nazi, Ku Klux Klan or White Power Web Sites.

Update 3: A few years back Andy Newman did a rather good guide to Duke’s racism and why it must be opposed.


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Lib Dem Peer Defends Baroness Tonge.

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Sometimes when professional politicians say things you are often left thinking to yourself “Hang on, what’s going on here?”

I suppose that might have been a moderate reaction in this instance, nevertheless it seems to me that the Liberal Democrats really haven’t got a handle on the whole Baroness Tonge and the Offal libel issue.

The Lib Dems clearly don’t appreciate the sensitivity or depth of this issue.

Granted, it is not terribly complicated, but as with many politicos I don’t think the Lib Dems are really interested and merely want to batten down the hatches, hoping to weather any political storm over Tonge’s repugnant and racist views.

Such an attitude would be incredibly misplaced and stupid, however, that’s how it comes over, as the JC reports:

“Lord Wallace, who is a LibDem spokesman on international affairs, told the Board: “She answered a deliberately provocative question from the Editor of the Jewish Chronicle… I think Jenny Tonge is over-emotional, mistaken.

“She did not say that body parts had been taken in Haiti…She was trapped by a question from the Jewish Chronicle which she should have known better than to answer.”

Baroness Tonge was in fact contacted by a JC reporter, by email, for her reaction to a news story in the Palestine Telegraph, an online journal based in Gaza of which Baroness Tonge is a patron.

In the Question and Answer session, Lord Wallace continued his defence of Baroness Tonge: “I disagree her with on a whole host of things but I would defend her rather over-emotional approach to the rights of the Palestinians and her deep commitment to doing something about Gaza.” He then explained that “the reason why we resist expelling her from the party is that we do sadly find the current Likud Party very intolerant of all criticism”.

Lord Wallace said that the “collective punishment of the Gaza is not acceptable”; that he had met some members of Hamas willing “to accept the legitimacy of Israel”: and that as a democracy Israel should be held to higher standards than “uncivilised countries in the Third World”. “

Other people have made the mistake of supporting Tonge’s racism and it is a pity that Lord Wallace can’t bring himself to actually blame Baroness Tonge in this matter.

After all she is a professional politician, highly educated and in full command of her own words. She was the one that tacitly gave credence to the Offal libel, and for that she should have been expelled from the Liberal Democrats, without a murmur.

However, she wasn’t and that’s why people are annoyed at the insensitive Lib Dems.

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Christ Killers?

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You know something is seriously wrong with politics when someone shouts “Christ Killers” at an anti-Israeli demonstration in New York.

Please do take the time and trouble to watch this video clip, the taunting shouts of “Nazis” made at Jews and the final few seconds of the clip which reveal the true intent of these supposed “activists”.

I think it is a real shame that the Palestinians’ case is associated with these racists and headcases.

Sadly, it’s not an isolated incident as the discussions at Dave Osler’s show.

How anyone could even think of suggesting that Baroness Tonge has a valid point, is beyond me. But readers you make up your own minds, ask yourself the question would the StWC be supporting Baroness Tonge if she wanted an inquiry as to whether or not Israelis were the real Christ killers?”

And if not, then why are they supporting her when she calls for an inquiry into whether or not the Israelis are flying halfway around the world to harvest organs, in some updated version of the ritual murder theme. Unbelievable.

(H/T: CiF Watch)

Update 1: Judeosphere’s comment deserves a wider audience:

“I’ve been genuinely creeped-out to see how often the “Christ Killer” libel has appeared in political cartoons attacking Israel (presenting the Palestinians, of course, as the Crucified Jesus).

Sometimes it’s more subtle. Jeffrey Goldberg noted in his review of Jimmy Carter’s book:

On his fateful first visit to Israel, Carter takes a tour of the Galilee and writes, “It was especially interesting to visit with some of the few surviving Samaritans, who complained to us that their holy sites and culture were not being respected by Israeli authorities — the same complaint heard by Jesus and his disciples almost two thousand years earlier.”

There are, of course, no references to “Israeli authorities” in the Christian Bible. Only a man who sees Israel as a lineal descendant of the Pharisees could write such a sentence.”

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Walk Away.

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I had thought that my increasingly low opinion of the Stop the War Coalition could go no lower, but I was wrong.

For some inexplicable reason they are supporting Baroness Tonge:

Jenny Tonge has been dismissed from her post as health spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats because she suggested that Israel investigate charges which have been made regarding Israeli aid workers in Haiti. Petition…”

I would have thought that the political activists within the StWC would have enough sense to walk away from the Offal libel, but apparently not. They are encouraging people to support Baroness Tonge by signing a petition, as shown below:

“We, the undersigned, object to the dismissal of Baroness Jenny Tonge from her post as health spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats simply because she suggested that Israel investigate charges made against it.

The party’s action is a serious threat to the principles for which our country is known — democracy and free speech. Even more specifically, it makes a mockery of your party’s claim to “give power back to people.” Instead of encouraging openness and the search for truth no matter how uncomfortable the accusation or who is accused, you are demonstrating to your constituents that the powerful and the “status quo” will be protected.

The comment for which you are punishing Jenny Tonge merely illustrated her commitment to your party’s founding principles. An independent investigation would be the most ethical response to serious charges that Israel is continuing to practice an illegal act (organ theft) that it has already admitted to committing in earlier years.

By firing Baroness Tonge instead of backing her call for an investigation, or at least supporting her decision to do so, you make evident that the party only believes in the search for truth when powerful allies are not involved.

Please demonstrate that the Liberal Democrats are indeed — as your Web site states — “brave enough to make a fresh start.” Reverse your decision and reinstate Jenny Tonge.”

So hang on, the StWC want an investigation to be held on some idiotic claims that Israelis came half way around world to steal organs and not to help Haitians, as most people think.

What next? Will they call for an investigation as to whether or not Jews caused the Black Death or poisoned wells too?

Will the StWC campaign for an investigation to the truth of ritual murder? I hope that the StWC read up on the Damascus Affair before commenting.

Here’s a tip, StWC walk away from this racist filth, walk away.

(Hat tip: Ana Spencer)

Update 1: Just in case, here’s a screen shot of it:

StWC support Offal libel

Is This Booth and Tonge’s View Too?

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You might think that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were old hat, renowned racist dribble only believed by deranged neo-Nazis or paranoid White supremacists, etc but unfortunately the Palestinian Telegraph seems to take them as literal fact:

The CST has more:

“It turns out that WW1 and WW2 were planned in advance for the sake of a group following the dictates of Zionism, a non religious socio-political Ideology which puts their leaders at the top of a Pyramid, while the rest of mankind, their “servants” are piled in a heap right at the bottom, unaware of what is being instigated at the pinnacle of this structured pyramid!! It is not too dissimilar to a Social Class Ladder: the working class, that is the masses or, I prefer to use a stronger and more apt term, the Servants/Slaves; then we have the Middle class, the middle men who in turn receive their delegated orders from the higher echelons of society, their MASTERS, the Elite, Aristocracy, the “Illuminati Factor” in fact, the billionaires in Power, who are covertly controlling our world and our communities and lives, choosing methods that are abhorrent to a fair, just ethical moral Society.

These Masters, controlled by such luminaries as the Rothschild Dynasty, have been working in the wings establishing their Corporate Financial and Imperialist ,Colonialist Empire, getting richer by the day, their power increasing by the hour, while their servants, their minions, their puppets do all the hard work, shed blood sweat and tears, and physical and mental sacrifice.”

I wonder if Laura Booth or Baroness Tonge subscribe to those views as well?

It is a real pity that the Palestinians cause has to be associated with this virulent racist filth.

[Note: The main article at the Palestinian Telegraph has been removed, probably for the sake of PR, but a copy of it exists within the Google cache.]

Spot The Discrepancy, Baroness Tonge and Steve Lendman.

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I am indebted to the ever sharp mind of Judeosphere, for spotting the discrepancy between Baroness Tonge’s accounts of how she learnt of the Offal libel?

Was it reading the web site of a far right extremist, Steve Lendman or just perusing the Palestinian Telegraph? Read more here.

I think there should be an inquiry into the reading habits of “Israeli obsessed” Peers of the Realm! Then again maybe not, it wouldn’t be too pretty 🙂

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Who Would Defend Baroness Tonge’s Racism?

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By chance I found a Lib Dem forum which was discussing Baroness Tonge’s racist assumptions.

Obviously, as good liberals they don’t put it quite like that, there is more English understatement than you can shake a stick at, but I will leave readers to make their own judgements on the overall discussions.

What interested me was, what type of person would defend Baroness Tonge’s recent outbursts?

Surely, not a liberal? And certainly not someone who’s against racism?

In the Lib Dem forum Baroness Tonge has a very doughty defender in the form of Stuart Littlewood, his name rang a bell but I wasn’t too sure until someone mentioned Redress.

Antifascists will know [Warning, direct link to some nasty racist stuff.] as a poisonous bunch of bigots who push a lot of racist nonsense and conspiracy theories under the guise of aiding the Palestinians.

Supporting the Palestinians is a commendable aim, but that is not Redress’s real purpose.

Rather if you search their site you will find links to the neofascists at Ziopedia. Plenty of filth from the well known anti-Jewish racist, Gilad Atzmon and a lot of barely disguised anti-Jewish racism littered throughout their articles.

Cleverly, to hide their racism Redress authors often use the old euphemism of “Zionist” instead of Jew, a rather common tactic on the Far Right.

Below is just a random selection, I haven’t even troubled to dig deeply but I think it shows how is certainly more upmarket than the average Far Right web sites, the spelling is better but the fixations are very similar. It’s not exactly David Icke and the Lizards, but not too far removed, as the titles of these articles suggest:

Zionist control of Britain’s government: 1940-2009 by William A. Cook [Warning, direct link to some nasty racist stuff.]

Standard stuff, found on nearly every neo-Nazi and White Power web site there is, etc, but not very edifying

Anti-Semitic” – the label that stops criticism by Paul J. Balles [Warning, direct link to some nasty racist stuff.]

That is a curious article because it purports to discuss the US’s Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004, and various antisemitic notions, yet in fact it successfully reinforces the view that the author is a bit of a bigot himself, one paragraph stood out:

”11. Offering proof that Jews and their leaders created Communism and the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

It just became illegal to offer proof. Minds are made up. Don’t confuse them with the facts.”

The author, Paul J. Balles, seems to think that Jews created Communism, etc not only that, but by his own admission he thinks that Mossad organised 9/11.

“…the only conclusion remaining is: 9/11 was planned and executed by Mossad and the Zioncons to justify military action in the Middle East for the major beneficiary, Israel.”

So let’s get this right, Balles thinks Jews created Communism etc and Mossad did 9/11.

Hmm. Where have we heard that before?

Other articles are very similar in tone and content. All well written, good grammar, correct spelling, but the themes on are distinctly Far Right, and many of the authors displayed similar hang-ups.

But returning to Stuart Littlewood, scanning one of his articles I noticed this absurd piece:

” So, has our “trustworthy” BBC fallen under Zionist influence just like the British government? It certainly gives a disproportionate amount of air-time to pro-Israel figures such as the Israeli ambassador, the regime’s spokesman Mark Regev, the chief rabbi and assorted politicians who wave the flag for Israel, all of whom speak good, clear English.”

[My emphasis.]

The common themes of “Zionists” manipulating and controlling the world run through the conspiracy theories pushed on

So I think it is perfectly understandable why someone who is hung up on “Zionists” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and rather paranoid about “Zionists” supposedly controlling the world, would support Baroness Tonge.

But with friends like that, who needs enemies?

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Sacked, Eventually, Unrepentant Tonge.

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Baroness Tonge, the Lib Dem peer and GP has been sacked as LibDem health spokesperson, which give them the sensitivity of this topic is probably just as well.

According to the BBC, the LibDem leader Nick Clegg is still in denial about her attitude:

“In a statement released on Friday evening, Nick Clegg said the allegations were “highly offensive”.

“The comments were wrong, distasteful and provocative and I recognise the deep and understandable distress they have caused to the Jewish community,” he said.

“While I do not believe that Jenny Tonge is anti-semitic or racist, I regard her comments as wholly unacceptable.

“Jenny Tonge apologises unreservedly for the offence she has caused.” “

Perhaps it would be better if Baroness Tonge went on one of those training courses that the Metropolitan police run, on sensitivity to racial issues?

It seems fairly clear to me Baroness Tonge has some very strong “issues” and I’m just wondering when we will hear the next bigoted outburst from her?

My bet, it’s just a matter of time.

Update 1: The JC has more on Clegg’s comments.

Update 2: Stephanie Gutmann at the Torygraph took the trouble to ask Tonge where she got this nonsense from:

“But what on YouTube exactly? I asked Tonge how she had come to her conclusions. It turned that she had been inspired by an article on a website of a guy she called “a highly respected Jewish researcher” — an “opinion piece” she hastened to add (they are always opinion pieces). I had never heard of this highly respected researcher, named Steve Lendman, so I looked at his website and his article alleging IDF organ harvesting in Haiti.

Lendman as anti-fascists and older readers will remember is an ally of various Far Right loons, I covered him years back.

Lendman hasn’t changed much he’s still a fan of Rense, Ziopedia the neo-nazis and other Far Right material.

Update 3: Adam Holland covered these issues last month.

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Baroness Tonge And Organ Harvesting.

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I freely confess that I can’t understand why anyone with a pulse or the ability to scratch themselves would be taken in by the Offal libel.

I find it even harder to understand why a Liberal peer would give any credence to this nonsense and not appreciate its historical significance, to Jews.

Baroness Tonge has plenty of form, but even now I find it hard to credit that a one-time GP, MP and highly educated individual would fall for this rubbish and want to bring it up.

The Offal libel is the stuff of neo-Nazi web sites, conspiracy freaks and others with a blistering hatred of Jews. It is a fringe racist notion. It is not subtle or in any way legitimate criticism.

Rather the Offal libel seeks to demonise Israelis/Jews as organ stealing fiends, hellbent on extracting livers, kidneys and other bits from unsuspecting patients.

All nonsense, all racist fiction but some warped individuals seem to believe that.

More over at the JC, some Lib Dems reply to Baroness Tonge’s foolishness :

“Monroe Palmer, chairman of Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel, added: “Whilst I welcome Tonge’s approval of Israeli actions in Haiti, she is misguided to call for any investigation. On this basis, there could be calls for an investigation to discover the ‘truth’ in the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

Matthew Harris, Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hendon, called it “perverse in the extreme to suggest that there needs to be an investigation of allegations to which she gives no credence”.

(H/T: Jonathan Hoffman)

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