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Another Weekend Of Assortments.

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The world is a busy place and events move on at a pace, so here are a few assortments I nearly missed:

Colonel Qaddafi sends a thank you note to some members of the US Congress.

Andy on the Australian Defence League.

Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride is very colourful, according to the Guardian.

Blogger arrested for filming a Council meeting.

And for the Polyglots amongst you, the EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism in many, many languages, including, but not limited to Mongolian and Estonian.

Jen Campbell’s blog is enjoyable. Book lovers will like her series, weird things customers say in bookshops.

The Atlantic Wire has picked apart many of Palin’s emails and it is as you might expect, stunning!

Top 10 trends on Twitter, not sure about this.

Washington Post finds that Palin had a third email account, which is amazing. It shows a hitherto hidden aspect to Palin, dexterity with a PC, who would have thought it?

Are the Iranian Revolutionary Guards helping to kill Syrians?

In Japan, an anti-nuclear protest.

Western Hypocrisy.

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There’s no more an amusing political spectacle than watching Western politicians and members of the ruling establishments sucking up to oil rich dictators.

From the various George Bush’s holding hands with Saudi leaders to the deference which is currently being shown to the Leader and Guide of the Revolution by that crook and occasional Prime Minister, Berlusconi.

I am sure that many Western establishment figures envy Colonel Qaddafi’s rule, 40 years unencumbered by even the smell of democracy or the wishes of the Libyans.

Forty years ruling one country, unelected, is hardly something to celebrate, but many of the guests from the West have cried off, lest they be engulfed in a PR disaster.

I doubt they are truly concerned with the status of Colonel Qaddafi or the Libyans, and probably hold rather reactionary views concerning the watered-down social democracy found in much of the West, however, they don’t mind sucking up to the dictator controlling the largest proven oil reserves in Africa, instead they are afraid of embarrassment.

Still, I imagine that a few brass necked politicians will turn up, slap Colonel Qaddafi’s back and praise his supposed benevolent rule and try to cut some business deals during the celebrations, whilst many Libyans live in poverty.

There’s nothing quite like Western hypocrisy at its best. Yuck.

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31/08/2009 at 00:57