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Over In The Czech Republic.

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Yet another neofascist gets off scot free:

“Today the District Court in Písek, Czech Republic sentenced Jiří Gaudin, the author of a study entitled “The Final Solution to the Gypsy Question”, to a 14-month prison sentence, suspended for two years. Gaudin had faced up to three years in prison for inciting racial hatred.

Until this year, Gaudin had been a member of the leadership of the ultra-nationalist National Party. The release of his study on “The Final Solution to the Gypsy Question” was celebrated last April by 20 members and promoters of the National Party at Lety, the site of a Nazi concentration camp for Roma during the Second World War.

The publication, which court experts said refers in its title to the Nazi plan to murder European Jews, was adopted as official National Party material last year. At the time, Gaudin said his study was a solid piece of work: “This is not a provocation, it’s a serious scholarly work including contributions from experts who are currently publishing.” The other experts’ names are not listed in the publication; Gaudin said this was because they did not want to encounter problems in their other work as a result of their participation in the project.

The extreme-right National Party entered the Czech political scene in 2002, agitating against the European Union and immigrants for several years before falling apart last autumn.”

Update 1: Jiří Gaudin has form, when he’s not attacking the Roma he likes to bait Muslims too.

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27/10/2010 at 01:20

Czech Neo-Nazi – No Hard Labour.

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In other news, the organiser of a neo-Nazi march in the Czech Republic was sentenced to community service, rather than a custodial sentence which might have been more appropriate:

“Plzen, 27/11/2009 – Czech Tomas Babka, 22, was today sentenced to 300 hours of community work for his abusive statements on Jews during a march of rightist extremists that he organised in Plzen in March.
Babka originally faced up to two years in prison for incitement of racial hatred towards a group of people.

Babka confessed to the controversial statements, but he declined that they had promoted fascism and Nazism. He also denied having supported rightist radicals.

According to the police files, Babka spoke up at the end of a march “against Zionism” on March 14.

“Jointly for the idea of national socialism. Public resistance is a duty where injustice rules,” Babka is cited as saying during the march.

According to the charges, he thereby manifested his positive stance on national socialism and expressed support for a Nazi movement.

Babka was charged with support and promotion of movements suppressing human rights and freedoms.”

Oh, and Babka had a cunning defence, he said he was only against “Zionism”. Oh yeah, sure, what next? Some of your best friends are…?

Sure, sure, like we haven’t heard that one before. That’s getting a rather common defence, I wonder which neo-Nazi will use it next?

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02/12/2009 at 22:42

Czech Workers’ Party.

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It seems that ill named Workers’ Party in the Czech republic has become a bastion of neo-Nazism, according to reports:

“Prague, Sept 8 (CTK) – Three of the Czech ultra-right Workers’ Party’s leading candidates to the Chamber of Deputies are supporters of neo-Nazi groups, the public Czech Television (CT) reported on Tuesday, referring to photos showing the three as neo-Nazi fans.

Interior Minister Martin Pecina who has received the information plans to include it in the ministry’s proposal for the abolition of the party.

However, DS chairman Tomas Vandas has rejected the allegation describing it as a lie.

CT said that it had photographs at its disposals show that DS candidates Jiri Svehlik, Milan Hroch and Patrik Vondrak support neo-Nazism.”

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30/09/2009 at 14:10