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Rod Liddle Update.

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According to a story going around, Rod Liddle use to post on a Millwall FC forum as monkeymfc.

His comments are disgusting, there are many, here’s just one:

“monkeymfc Posted 3/11/2009 13:59
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Subject: Re: Visited Aushwitz on Saturday n/w

Supreme MO

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Sorry you took it like that and sorry if I offended, mate. But to tell you the truth I thought the “Auschwitz Experience” had been devalued by the people who run it to the point where I think it deserves taking the piss out of. I’m glad it moved you, but it worried me more that it’s set up as a politically correct tourist attraction, sort of Hitlerworld. Our guide even instructed us when we should “reflect” – and the whitewashing of Polish involvement seemed both hypocritical and at times obscene. Also, the edges of the place had been smoothed down so in a way the bleakness was lost. I mean there were disabled access ramps to the gas chamber. I KNOW why they have them, I see the point, but the whole thing had seen the horror ripped from it and we were left with a sanitised PC version of the story.
Did you know you can book the restaurant for parties? I mean, hello?

I got a million times more from Primo Levi’s “If This Is A Man” and “The Truce” – I’ll PM you and if you ain’t read them I’ll send them along.

**That was to Gaz, not the sanctimonious toss from Kinnel.

Edited by monkeymfc 3/11/2009 14:03″

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Update 1: A figure calling himself Rod Liddle is trying to explain things over at Socialist Unity blog, very strange.

Update 2: Still more at SU blog, particularly this comment:

“You say you don’t have problems with multiracialism Rod. Yet under the name “monkeymfc”, which you have admitted to being your username with an exclusive password, you wrote on a website for football hooligans that black people are “ten points thicker” than white people. You also said black people “have their own TV programme: Crimewatch.” You lied about being monkeymfc at first then had to admit it.

I think it’s a shame you don’t have the courage of your convictions. Why won’t you just admit these are your views? Why continue with this pantomime that you are only criticising multiculturalism when you say black people in Britain have done nothing but stab white people and introduce “goat curry”?

Comment by Andy — 6 February, 2010 @ 1:43 am”

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18/01/2010 at 03:42