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72 Years Ago.

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09/11/2010 at 02:16


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Last night on World Service the BBC had a short piece on how German authorities had closed down a neo-Nazi internet radio station, which seems to have had a lot of listeners:

“German police have arrested 23 people suspected of being involved in an illegal far-right internet radio station.

About 270 officers took part in more than 20 raids across 10 German states.

Widerstands Radio (Resistance Radio) broadcasts music and ideology reflecting neo-Nazi views – something which is illegal in Germany.

Prosecutors say those held face charges of forming a criminal organisation and inciting racial hatred.

Police said the suspects were in their 20s and 30s and were believed to have broadcast on the station, or helped to organise the broadcasts.

The Federal Crime Office (BKA) said the 24-hour station used a computer server in the US and listeners would register under false names and addresses.

“[The] investigations are a strong hint to people running other extreme-right internet radio stations that dissemination of songs with extreme-right wing and xenophobic lyrics, even on the internet, will be pursued,” said BKA head Joerg Ziercke.

He said they had noticed a growing trend among far-right groups to use music to recruit young people.

Last month, the BKA said that over the past decade the number of people with the potential to carry out far-right violence in Germany had doubled to around 9,000.

It seems that it had 135,000 hits since last year. How depressing.

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04/11/2010 at 16:37

Hanover, Germany.

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The BBC has an appalling story from Hanover in Germany:

“German police are investigating the stoning of a Jewish dance group trying to perform on the street in the city of Hanover.

Youths reportedly shouted “Juden Raus” (Jews Out) as they attacked the dancers of the Chaverim (“Friends” in Hebrew) dance troupe last weekend.

One of the dancers was injured in the leg and the troupe cancelled the performance after the attack.

Police said one German suspect aged 14 and a 19-year-old of North African origin were being questioned.

Alla Volodarska, of the Progressive Jewish community of Hanover, told Associated Press news agency she had spoken to the dancers involved.

“What happened is just so awful. The teenagers started throwing stones the moment our dance group was announced, even before they started dancing.”

Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told the Die Welt newspaper that anti-Semitic feelings were widespread in both far-right and Muslim communities in the country.

“It particularly saddens me that those anti-Semitic views can already be seen with such vehemence among children and youths,” she said.”

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25/06/2010 at 12:57

Unfinished Business?

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The Times reports on a member of the Waffen-SS who escaped justice by living in Germany after WW2:

“There was nothing simple about Boere’s evasion of justice, which allowed him to go unpunished for crimes that he freely boasted about. The inability of German courts to convict him irritated Dutch-German relations – Boere had been sentenced to death in absentia by an Amsterdam court in 1949 but was able to live freely in Germany, working as a coal miner until 1976, drawing a German pension and then living in a German nursing home.

Boere’s ducking and weaving within the German judicial system illustrated how much unfinished business was left after the post-war Nuremberg trials. More than 25,000 cases of Nazi crimes were investigated by West German authorities after the post-war trials of surviving Nazi leaders, but the prosecution was often half-hearted and many cases were dropped.”

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24/03/2010 at 01:28

Neo-Nazi Jailed.

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This is one area where I approve of more gaols, locking up neo-Nazis in Germany:

“Yesterday in Germany a state-level court in Berlin sent the operator of a German neo-Nazi internet radio station to prison for two years and nine months. The radio station broadcast hateful slogans on the web against foreigners and Jews, as well as instructions on how to produce bombs. DPA reports judges sentenced the 24–year-old man for inciting hatred against other nationalities and belonging to a criminal group.”

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01/12/2009 at 13:36

More On German “anti-Zionists”.

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Here’s more to the post concerning those Hamburg “anti-Zionists”, who felt comfortable shouting “Jewish pigs” at those attending a film presentation.

Die Linke were quick to disassociate themselves from the racist “anti-Zionists”, but the evidence of their unfortunate link to this group is shown by a bit of hunting around on their web site. [Perhaps, I’ll upload a screen dump later on.]

The Kommunistische Assoziation Hamburg (KAH) is less than shy about events, but seem to put their own spin on it, the German original is here and a Google translation.

Reading it is hard, I suspect that even if my German was top notch that it wouldn’t make a lot of sense, as it comes over as a political rant. Still, they don’t deny that it took place.

Oh, here it is just in case it vanishes, once the penny has dropped:
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Not Sure.

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I am not sure what to make of this, I read it earlier on in the week at Jpost, but I didn’t pay it much attention until re-reading again at schalom libertad, Anti-Zionist Attack on Film Showing.

Contested Terrain has a lot more:

“At the end of October, a coalition around the “Internationalist Center B5″ blockaded a theater in their direct vicinity, the Independent Cinema B Movie. With physical blows and wild remarks, [ed. multiple sources reported that the B5 activists shouted “Jewish pigs” and “fairies” (“Shuchteln”) at those seeking to enter the theater, and had physically assaulted some of them] the activists made clear that, the causing of injuries to a few people was worth it to them to prevent an engagement with the theme “Why Israel.”

In left antisemitism in this part of the world, Jews are represented as “capitalists,” cosmopolitans or even as “zionist agents,” that is, as enemy of the people. While with the establishment of Israel, the efforts to construct a Jewish nation could actually be realized, the State would however be reduced solely to an “imperialist bridgehead” and its population reduced to mere occupiers. Out of this ascription, in which Jews are treated as lacking a belonging in a home country on the one hand, and illegitimately establishing a State on the other hand, the resulting placelessness belongs to the fundamental semantics of antisemitism, and is always advanced from the same circles as essential components of their politics. In view of their growing isolation, the Hamburg antizionists rely on the increasing use of physical violence as the last field in which they can assert themselves.”

Here’s the original German.

Now you’d think that “anti-Zionists” and in particular those in Germany would know better than to shout “Jewish pigs” at people?

Update 1: entdinglichung points us to a link on Die Linke’s site condemning the actions of the “anti-Zionists” from the International Centre B5, but frankly the text is less than clear. That could be Google’s translation’s fault or the writer who might have used language or syntax which is a bit cryptic, as politicos often do, either way I’ll leave it to readers to decide.

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27/11/2009 at 02:32

3rd September 1939.

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Outbreak of War 1939.

The day war began.

Gilbert on the outbreak.

Not forgetting Stalin and Ribbentrop.

Stalin and a Nazi.

Stalin and a Nazi.

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