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Nuclear Seagulls.

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If you ever follow the British nuclear industry, as it calls itself, you might be struck by the complacency, poor management and an inability to do relatively simple things competently.

Equally, you might be astonished that the management at Sellafield still haven’t realised that the British coast has seagulls, the Times reported:

“Sellafield, the nuclear plant that is Western Europe’s most heavily contaminated industrial site, is facing an unexpected environmental challenge.

The 262-hectare (645 acres) plant in West Cumbria is being overrun by seagulls, mice and stray cats, and managers are battling to contain the problem. Things have become so serious that a cull of seabirds is being considered. There are concerns that some have been swimming in open ponds containing plutonium and radioactive waste, some of which date back to Britain’s atomic weapons programme of the 1950s and 1960s.

“It’s a coastal site so there are thousands of seagulls around,” said Martin Forwood, of Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment. “They fly in and float around on the open waste ponds and act as a gateway to poison the wider area.” ”

Hang on, open ponds? Open ponds of nuclear waste! WTF

It beggars belief that Sellafield’s management couldn’t foresee that seagulls would naturally swim in ponds and if they leave ponds of nuclear waste out, than the seagulls are going to get into it.

Unbelievable. They’ve been there over 50 years and still they can’t cope with their coastal location.

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26/02/2010 at 15:16