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BBC News’s Surrender To The English Defence League.

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In Britain, the elites often use understatement in English to convey their meaning or downplay a problem so the winter chaos is really just seen as a “little problem”.

International conflicts can be conveyed as “a temporary difficulty”, normally this would not be a problem but BBC News has taken it one step further.

For the BBC News, the neofascists in the EDL are “controversial”.

Instead of being racist thugs, the BBC News now calls them an “anti-Islamist group”.

Any competent journalist, or those able to access the Internet, would realise that the EDL are considerably more than a “controversial anti-Islamist group”, they are a proto-neofascist street gang, with ex-BNPers and stuffed full of neo-Nazis.

This is the appalling BBC News story.

Oh, someone hacked the EDL’s servers and their membership list is doing the rounds, along with the names of those cretins that purchased EDL merchandise.

PS: ANYONE remotely tempted to defend the EDL should read my comments policy, again.

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Thugs In Leicester, The EDL.

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Another video clip of EDL’s thugs in Leicester, trying to smash in the windows of Benny’s Chicken, Granby Street in Leicester.

There is nothing political with that, just a bit of EDL’s mindless violent.

That is what they are, violent racists.

Update 1: Another clip from across the road, it shows in more detail the EDL fighting with locals.

Update 2: A clip from Fil Kaler, EDL Leicester – Violence flares at far right protest, half way thru it you’ll see EDLers stomping around the street of Leicester attacking locals.

English Defence League, Questioned By The Police.

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HOPE not hate has released an excellent video clip of the English Defence League leader, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA ‘Tommy Robinson’.

This is taken from the events on Saturday, 9 October 2010 in Leicester.

Yaxley-Lennon, a BNP member, is the short bloke in the green top, later on in the video you can see him acting macho and telling the police to “Fuck off”.

If you look closely you might see an EDLer giving the Nazi salute.

A Few Things.

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I meant to cover some items in more detail, but never get around to them and with a host of draft posts I thought I would try remember some things that I saw.

Azarmehr has excellent coverage on Iran, in particular the plight of .

Among the EDL – Leicester 2010

The extraordinary passion of Liu Xiaobo.

Stuck with Outlook? This might be worth a look at.

Israel’s political class and their 10 worse errors.

Ubuntu 10.10 Benchmarks.

Irish Passports, Russia and Israel, my bet is that there won’t be too much fuss in the press and no shouts of indignation in the wider media. I doubt that the West wouldn’t want to upset the Russian elites. Bread, which side is buttered and all that.

The Tea Party and the EDL? Bigots congregating?

The Livingstone Formulation and the issue surrounding it deserves more scrutiny. Here it is as a PDF, Accusations of malicious intent in debates about the Palestine-Israel conflict and about antisemitism.

France and a new 1968?

Rich Iott, Tea Partyer in Ohio has a secret, he likes dressing up as a Nazi. Yes, a real Nazi, a Waffen SS one. The group that he “re-enacts” are the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking, they committed many war crimes during WW2.

Richard Wilson looked at Migration Watch’s defamation case against Sally Bercow.

The New Statesman blog has more.

Yaacov Lozowick’s review of Shlomo Sand’s The Invention of the Jewish People:

Views from the streets of Leicester.

Worse than hashish? Gazans are fighting back against Hamas by brewing their own wine!

Finally, EDL – Here Come The Hun!

Vicious Anti-EDL Rumours.

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I am reliably informed that English Defence League supporters believe that my posts are vicious anti-EDL rumours.

Which is rather peculiar, as I thought they were quite reasonable.

It is true that my posts only correlated freely available information from the Web, which show the linkage between BNPers, neo-Nazis and the English Defence League.

All of this is documented in numerous photos and videos, and can not be denied.

These are not rumours, just facts.

A few things that we shouldn’t forget:

1. The EDL *leadership* is stuffed full of BNPers, ex-BNPers, neo-Nazis and their allies.

2. The EDL always pick towns with high ethnic populations to hold their demonstrations. Their objective is to run amok, abuse and intimidate local people. That’s what they do.

3. The EDL want to start ethnic conflict and anyone that supports or excuses them is beyond the pale of reasoned debate, as they are aiding and abetting racial conflict.

The EDL’s latest stunt in Leicester is covered by Nick Lowles:

“As life is slowly returning to normal on the streets of Leicester it is perhaps an appropriate time to reflect on today’s events.

I would put the EDL numbers at 1,500, perhaps a few more, perhaps slightly fewer. The police I think have said 1,200 while the BBC said 2,000. Either way there were certainly a lot more than there were at Bradford.

The police were a lot harder on the EDL than their counterparts in Bradford. They were more aggressive towards them, boxed them in more quickly and stamped down on any misbehaviour instantly.

However, they let themselves down by letting the thugs leave the area without much supervision and so allowed the EDL to run around the streets and ultimately clash with locals.

The EDL once again showed their true selves by constantly fighting with police, including throwing smoke and stun grenades, bottles and full beer cans. They chanted racist abuse and given the chance, which they were after the demo ended, randomly attacked young Asian and black people.

One of the main positives of the day was that the overwhelming majority of locals heeded advice and stayed away. Yesterday 700 turned up at our HOPE not hate peace vigil and we are hoping for even greater numbers for our community event tomorrow. It would have been understandable for local people to take to the streets to demonstrate their anger but wisely people decided that this was precisely what the EDL wanted.

The most surreal moment of the day was the conversation I had with Tommy Robinson and also the one my colleague Matty had with the EDL’s number two, Kevin Carroll, when they were being held against a wall after they had been arrested.

This is EDLers attacking some peaceful people sitting in a restaurant, trying to smash the windows and racially abusing the diners:

That’s what the EDL do.

PS: Before any EDL excusers or supporters even think about posting they should read my comments policy, read it once and then again.

The English Defence League Planned To Attack A Mosque.

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People so willing to see the EDL’s point of view rarely address the most obvious question, why does the English Defence League pick certain locations to have their demonstrations?

The answer is simple, because those areas tend to have a high ethnic makeup and it allows the EDL to intimidate ordinary people in their own streets.

That’s what many modern British neofascists want, racial conflict, pitch battles in the streets, etc etc.

It is a common tactic employed by the Extreme Right, as American readers will remember. Please watch the video from Toledo, Ohio and think of the similarities in modern day Britain.

Yet, as we see, the true motivations of the EDL and their associated gangs rarely come up.

Still in Leicestershire they seem to have got the mark of the EDL, as this is leicestershire reports:

“Police fear protesters plan to attack a city mosque before marching into the heart of Leicester’s Muslim community.

Concerns were voiced by Chief Constable Simon Cole in a report to Leicester City Council about the planned march by the English Defence League on October 9.

The Chief Constable said that an intelligence and threat assessment indicated a “major threat” to public order.

His report said: “Intelligence dated September 8, 2010, indicated that the EDL intend to come to Leicester and attack a mosque before marching into the Highfields area, which represents the highest resident population of the Muslim community. “

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