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May and Technological Bits.

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I have neglected technological innovations for far too long, Linux Journal explains how to put that operating system on a fingernail or SD card.

Tiny Core has reached V3.6, give it a go. It’s not obvious and you do have to read the manual, but it will rejuvenate even the oldest machine, remember RTFM.

All of this wonderful hardware comes at a price:

“When the allegations were put to Foxconn by the Observer, manager Louis Woo confirmed that workers sometimes worked more than the statutory overtime limit to meet demand from western consumers, but claimed that all the extra hours were voluntary. Workers claim that, if they turn down excessive demands for overtime, they will be forced to rely on their basic wage: workers in Chengdu are paid only 1,350 yuan (£125) a month for a basic 48-hour week, equivalent to about 65p an hour.

The Wine development version has reached 1.3.19, go for it, install Linux, then Wine and forget M$ crap.

Oh, there is a new version of Ubuntu, 11.04 and here’s what you might do after installing it.

Don’t try this at home, How to install Burg boot loader in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. Might be worth a try instead of the awful Grub2.

Big companies and their power, Tethering apps ‘blocked’ in Android Market.

Some reviewers really like it, Xubuntu 11.04: Solid, Sleek, and Speedy.

This tutorial explains how to get out of Microsoft’s grasp, How to install Photoshop in Ubuntu and LinuxMint.

Not a bad idea, Firefox Sync.

Malware to watch out for, protect your phone too!

The idea of a USB sized computer is superb, it could seriously undercut expensive, useless hardware, but will meet resistance I am sure:

“David Braben, an UK game developer has created a tiny computer which is about the same size as an USB stick, should cost about $25 and it will ship with Ubuntu by default.

The USB computer is going to be used in teaching computer programming to children and will be distributed by a new charitable foundation called “Raspberry Pi Foundation” within the next 12 months. “

I am fond of Mint and so are others, Linux Mint 11 (Katya) Preview and Testing Version Released!

For those with a slightly less than technogical view of the world, the social implications of all of this, How Social Media Creates a Rough Draft of History.

Feeling musical? Use Linux.

Finally, always have Parted Magic 6.1 ready.

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09/05/2011 at 15:33

Ubuntu October 2010.

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Slow blogging whilst I get my feeble brain into gear, I nearly missed this, Ubuntu 10.10.

Maverick Meerkat has finally been released.

I am not sure what to make of it yet, as I haven’t played around with Ubuntu for a while, but this is their press release, which doesn’t say much.

I think lubuntu 10.10 is probably a better bet.

As ever, test on a spare machine, first.

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12/10/2010 at 01:35

Facebook, Wine And Bits.

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I haven’t posted much on technology for ages, so I thought for those of you more interested in politics that I would briefly outline things.

Facebook has added “location-based services”, but if you want to turn them off here’s how to do it.

A new version of Wine is out, it allows you to run Windows applications under Linux and is first rate.

There is more than one way to execute Windows applications on Linux, using Virtual Box is another method and virtual images are exceedingly flexible, if you have the space.

Perplexed nontechnical readers may be wondering why they would want to run Linux? Basically it’s an alternative to Microsoft’s operating systems, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Linux does essentially the same, better and often quicker.

Linux will run on comparatively slow hardware and make it usable, it is free and comes with access to thousands of applications, also free. Microsoft operating systems tend to need lots of memory and modern hardware to run at acceptable speeds.

If there’s a job you do under Microsoft Windows then 98% of the time you can find a good as, if not better, Linux alternative, free.

I won’t deny that initially Linux can be a little bit hard to set up, sometimes, but once it is there you’ll find it rocksolid and you won’t need to reboot every couple of hours, as with Microsoft operating systems.

Linux is used extensively in business and a sizeable percentage of Internet service providers will host their pages under Linux, my bet is that WordPress runs on Linux so you are reading these pages courtesy of Linux, either directly or via Google, which extensively uses Linux.

I favour several versions of Linux, (there are lots!) PClinuxos, MEPIS, Antix Linux and Mint. They’ll do for starters.

Basically, you download a big image (called an ISO) burn it to a CD, reboot and install using that, following the defaults, but reading the screens very carefully. Have a spare CD ready.

The alternative is to use Unetbootin. Have a blank USB ready, it will overwrite it completely. Download and execute Unetbootin, it will prompt for which version of Linux you’d like, after which it will download the ISO and burn it to the USB stick. Again, once it has been successful, reboot and install if you wish.

Personally, I would start using a spare machine if you have one, an old one, just to get use to the installation procedure.

These copies of Linux will boot a Live version running from the CD/USB and then give you the option to install on the hard drive if you want. You will need to partition the disk (the hardest part), which makes space for Linux. Then do the install. Easy. Normally takes anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes!

Have a play around on that spare machine and you can’t do much damage.

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23/08/2010 at 14:32

Betas To Come?

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Firefox 3.6 is coming shortly, beta 2 just released.

Kindle and PCs. Not a good start.

Glenn Beck and the First Amendment, which he likes when it suits him.

Skype might have some serious competition, from Google.

DistroWatch Weekly makes interesting reading.

Nice, short guide to dealing with M$ malware.

Flawed fox ?

Bing’s security problems.

PCs for us oldies.

Microsoft hates those chippers, might turn out to be a PR disaster, eventually.

Murdoch’s mistake, I think he hasn’t quite understood the web or modern technology, as he thinks he can charge for content from his papers, more likely is that most people will stop sourcing their material from News International titles.

Twitter the wisdom of the ages?

Rather funny.

Who’d own an Iphone?

Home Secretary’s misplaced photo-op with McKinnon’s mum.

Intel Reader, good idea, stupid price.

More on Iphone’s own goals at Facebook.

Kindle DX rejected.

Devils in the detail? The Vatican uses Linux!

Epiphany moves to Webkit.

James Bond’s Phone MK II.

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13/11/2009 at 11:53

Bits and Failures.

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10 failures in computing.

Intel’s strangle-hold on the chip business.

49 goodies.

Tighten up your Java, not the coffee.

Smart phones and the people that use them.

Moblin looking good.

How Google uses Linux.

Roll your own Ubuntu.

More on the Skype and Ebay saga.

A Koala fan.

Firefox fixed again.

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08/11/2009 at 04:12

Not A Review.

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In keeping with a diverse mix of topics I thought I would return to not reviewing Linux distributions, in my own incomplete and unscientific fashion, here’s something on Absolute Linux 13.0.3.

Absolute is Slackware based, using a similar install but lacks an indicator on progress and time. After installation the desktop is nice and tidy, there’s no Wine in Absolute’s repo, but it is a simple process to get the Slackware one from WineHQ and install. It uses Gslapt for package management and LILO as Boot manager.

There’s a nice range of programs and a lot of thought has been given to the user experience, changing fonts, etc is very easy, other distributions could learn from Absolute.

At rest it used about 90MB of memory and was fairly responsive on an old Dell 400 Mhz laptop. I couldn’t find how to autologon and music CD’s didn’t play automatically (granted I didn’t RFM), other than that it wasn’t too bad, a commendable 7.5/10.

If Absolute learnt to use grub instead of LILO I might even think of occasionally using it. A good option for a netbook.

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05/11/2009 at 02:25

Don’t Speak Ill Of Ubuntu.

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Just as Windows 7 needed some competition Ubuntu stumbles, the media and forums are full of horror stories on the new Karmic Koala.

My experience wasn’t so bad, but the changes to X were always going to be the Achilles heel, and whilst I agree with tight release schedules I think that a longer Beta period with concerted feedback is required.

Canonical should aim to recruit a massive external Beta test team, and using a very varied hardware mix try to trap these minor annoyances before the public releases. Having a small team just dealing with X issues would probably speed things along too.

Update 1:
Konstipated Koala – worth a read.

Update 2: More on X problems with Ubuntu 9.10.

Update 3: Mandriva 2010 is out, could be a nice alternative? It is not obviously fully released yet (officially), but if you look at the Paris FTP servers with the 2009 edition, then go to the top level directory you will see a 2010.0, that’s it.

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03/11/2009 at 14:29