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Chomsky And IHR.

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I hold an exceedingly low opinion of Noam Chomsky, but even I was shocked to read this on the History News Network:

“…From at least 1984 through 1992, [Noam] Chomsky corresponded with a man who, during those time periods, was one of the leading authors and editors in the Holocaust denial movement. And it was a very friendly correspondence, complete with praise for the denier’s work, and an offer of assistance on Chomsky’s part.

The denier in question is L.A. “Lou” Rollins. At the time of the first Chomsky correspondence, Rollins was a writer and contributing editor at the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), the North American headquarters of Holocaust denial and Nazi literature. And although the IHR has, in the past two decades, attempted to reinvent itself as a “respectable” Holocaust denial institute by eschewing clumsy, vulgar anti-Semitism in favor of pseudo-academic “historiography,” back in 1984 there was no subtlety in the IHR’s presentation. The publishing arm of the IHR sold such titles as “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” the “pro-Hitler” reprint of “Mein Kampf,” “The Testament of Adolf Hitler,” “The International Jew,” “The Turner Diaries,” KKK leader David Duke’s autobiography “My Awakening,” and various anti-Semitic and white supremacy booklets and leaflets. Contributors to the IHR included former SS Standartenführer Leon Degrelle, and former Nazi General Otto Ernst Remer….

It is against this backdrop that Chomsky and Rollins corresponded. In the first of the recently uncovered letters, Chomsky expresses happiness that Rollins was able to find Chomsky’s anti-Israel book “The Fateful Triangle” useful in his work. Chomsky tells Rollins that he’s pleased to hear that he (Rollins) is writing about Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, who Chomsky proceeds to call “one of the major frauds of our time.” He compares Wiesel to Nazi collaborators, and accuses him of “exploiting the Holocaust to justify oppression and murder.”

Chomsky promises to send Rollins “news clippings from the Jewish press” to assist him with his anti-Wiesel screed (Rollins’ Chomsky-assisted essay would appear in the fall 1985 edition of the IHR’s “journal”).

Chomsky closes by writing, “I’m looking forward to hearing more about your study.”

Still, I find it hard to believe.

Rollins certainly is connected to the IHR, as this cached extract from one of his articles shows:

“About the author

L.A. ROLLINS is a Contributing Editor of the IHR Newsletter. He has also written for other publications, including Reason, New Libertarian, Critique, Spotlight and The JHR. He is the author of The Myth of Natural Rights.”

Anyone unfamiliar with the Institute for Historical Review should look up David Irving.

Then imagine two dozen plus active Holocaust deniers much worse than him, hard core racist types, embittered cranks and semi-professional antisemites, imagine that and you’ll only have scratched the surface. This is what the SPLC says about them:

“IHR’s first annual conference in 1979 attracted deniers from around the world and helped to introduce some key American extremists to Holocaust denial. David Duke, the neo-Nazi who was then the national leader of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, was so taken with the idea that he followed up the conference with a “Special Holocaust Edition” of his Crusader newspaper. In the same way, National Socialist Party of America leader Frank Collin enthusiastically embraced denial, saying, “There was no Holocaust, but they deserve one — and will get it.” For years, IHR’s yearly conferences were key events that offered networking opportunities for neo-Nazis and anti-Semites from around the world.

A critical contribution by IHR was the pseudo-academic gloss it applied to its anti-Semitism. The group actively tried to avoid blatant anti-Jewish slurs, and instead sought to couch its politics in distortions of history and science meant to sound reasonable. Though the theories that resulted were far out, they had at least the appearance of legitimacy, as did The Journal of Historical Review that the IHR began to publish in 1980. Deniers would claim, for example, that the Anne Frank diary is a fraud because it contained marks made with a postwar ballpoint pen (they didn’t mention that the marks were made later by Frank’s father, who survived German concentration camps to edit and publish the diary). They would assert that the death-camp ovens were not capable of burning as many bodies as the Allies had said were disposed of after gassing. They lied about the qualities of the Zyklon B gas used to kill Jews, the operation of the Einsatzgruppen (the mobile killing squads which shot to death more than 1 million Jews in Eastern Europe), and hundreds of other facts. Through it all, IHR sought to give the appearance that its writers were honest, if skeptical, students of history. “

The IHR are really nasty people with a pro-Nazi agenda, who seek to rehabilitate National Socialism and Hitler’s reputation.

They should be avoided at all costs, I can’t imagine why Chomsky would even think of corresponding with these neo-Nazis?

Update 1: A reminder to new readers please READ, re-read and make an effort to understand my comments policy.

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Oh, any fans of Chomsky should read Pierre Vidal-Naquet: On Faurisson and Chomsky before they consider posting.

Update 2: A PDF exists of the correspondence here.

Update 3: Even some of Chomsky’s fans are unhappy:

“Shameful (#146927)
by Helena Kaplan on February 11, 2011 at 1:31 PM

I like a lot of Chomsky’s work, but I can’t make excuses for him on this one. By 1984, he knew exactly what those nuts were all about (especially because people had been alerting him ever since he spoke out for Faurisson in 1979). This is a shameful episode in his life. “

Arizona, Neo-Nazis And Crime.

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The current bout of xenophobia in Arizona has made them some new friends, but not the type you’d like to shout about, neo-Nazis are flocking to Arizona, as this video report shows:

But it is not only that, crime follows in their way.

As skinhead criminals whose hobby is being neo-Nazis on the side become active within Arizona.

The law of unintended consequences?

(H/T: Andrew Murphy)

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25/05/2010 at 14:42

Neo-Fascists Down The Pub.

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I meant to cover this, but events moved on.

According to Phil, the EDL spent a fair amount of time in the Pub whilst rabble-rousing in Stoke last weekend. I pity the Publican myself.

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EDL In Stoke.

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The neofascists, knuckleheads and associated hooligans in the English Defence League are putting in another appearance, Lancaster Unity explains:

“There is a strong Stoke division of the EDL, based around Stoke City supporters, and unofficial Stoke City internet message boards are full of talk about their mobilisation in the city on 23 January.

The link between certain Stoke City supporters (the “Naughty Forties”) and the fascists has existed for a number of years, and has been documented in past issues of Searchlight. The BNP deny that they are in any way linked to the EDL, but in practice the local EDL supporters are also BNP supporters. For example, Shaun Grimsley, who recently stood for the BNP at a by-election in Cannock Chase, is also a self-confessed Nazi and an EDL activist.

There have been some tensions in the local BNP recently. Alby Walker, the leader of the BNP group on the City Council, recently resigned unexpectedly. Walker was seen as a “moderate” (in BNP terms), and is likely to be succeeded as leader by hardline Nazi Michael Coleman.”

Update 1: Edmund Standing has more on Far Right and BNP terrorists,

Update 2: I would remind potential posters to read my comments policy.

Update 3: Nick Lowles has a good post on the EDL and Searchlight is apparently covering them in the magazine as “English Defence League cracks begin to show”.

Update 4: A backgrounder on the EDL.

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Not So Slack.

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Slackbastard has good posts on neo-fascists in NZ and Australia.

I’d never realized that they were so numerous down-under, but then again thinking about the treatment of the Māoris, the whole settler mentality and Anglo-Saxon racism, etc it shouldn’t be too surprising.

Slackbastard’s stuff on the Roma and how they are being targeted is well worth a read.

His Francis De Groot Brigade guide is good.

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24/10/2009 at 14:31

Czech Workers’ Party.

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It seems that ill named Workers’ Party in the Czech republic has become a bastion of neo-Nazism, according to reports:

“Prague, Sept 8 (CTK) – Three of the Czech ultra-right Workers’ Party’s leading candidates to the Chamber of Deputies are supporters of neo-Nazi groups, the public Czech Television (CT) reported on Tuesday, referring to photos showing the three as neo-Nazi fans.

Interior Minister Martin Pecina who has received the information plans to include it in the ministry’s proposal for the abolition of the party.

However, DS chairman Tomas Vandas has rejected the allegation describing it as a lie.

CT said that it had photographs at its disposals show that DS candidates Jiri Svehlik, Milan Hroch and Patrik Vondrak support neo-Nazism.”

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Lady Renouf, neo-Nazis and PressTV.

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Astute readers will remember Lady Renouf, long-term associate of the holocaust denier, David Irving, chum of President Ahmadinejad and contributor to PressTV.

Lady Renouf has been busy recently drumming up support for two rather nasty neo-Nazis, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle. Over at YouTube, sorry no links, I have my limits!

Shepherd and Whittle were convicted of incitement to racial hatred last year, but skipped bail and fled to America to the bosom of the sizable neo-Nazi and White Power movement in that country.

They were apprehended and sentenced, but is worthwhile pondering what type of person would support these disgusting specimens?

Well, Lady Renouf is an acquaintance of that arch “anti-imperialist” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the one time President of Iran and convener of the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust in December 2006. The conference was attended by the creme de la creme, or dregs of the gutter (however, you please) of Holocaust deniers and their neo-Nazi chums, including David Duke, Robert Faurisson, Fredrick Töben, Bradley Smith and Serge Thion.

It should be plain by now that what unites these sorry individuals is not a quest for truth, nor any concern in the Middle East, rather they are motivated by one thing only: a hatred of Jews.

More recently Lady Renouf worked for PressTV, as this exceedingly dodgy Khomeinist web site relates [warning very iffy link]:

“On 14th May the channel duly filmed an interview with the science historian Dr Kollerstrom and a second interview with Lady Renouf, who provided the background regarding the stark contrast between the open democratic approach she had experienced at the Tehran conference, as compared to the tyrannical and closed programme of this year’s government sponsored Berlin conference, where no revisionist was invited – though the conference was supposed to be all about revisionists and their (source) criticism.

Kollestrom and Renouf at Press TV Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom and Lady Michèle Renouf on set at Press TV after recording each of their interviews. Lady Renouf is holding a copy of The Rudolf Report

There are some photos of her and the then Iranian President on her web site, but I really haven’t the stomach to link to them.

But back to those neo-Nazis, the Indy reports:

“The court was told that the investigation into the men began when a complaint about a leaflet called Tales Of The Holohoax was reported to the police in 2004 after it was pushed through the door of a synagogue in Blackpool.

It was traced back to a post office box in Hull, registered to Sheppard.

Police later found a website featuring racially inflammatory material.

Prosecutors said one leaflet found by officers suggested that Auschwitz was a holiday camp for Jews provided by the Nazis.

Prosecuting, Jonathan Sandiford, said: “The general theme of the article was that Auschwitz-Birkenau was in fact a holiday camp provided by the Nazi regime.

“Jews from all over Europe came to enjoy a free holiday. A constant theme was the Jewish people had made up the story of the Holocaust as a slur on the German people.”

Referring to an article by Whittle, the prosecutor added: “He returned to what appears to be a favourite theme: the notion that black people are not as equal as whites. They are sex-crazed, blood-thirsty savages.

“Black people were caricatured as uncivilised primitive savages portrayed as nothing more than murderers and rapists.” “

So if you ever hear that Ahmadinejad or PressTV are worthy of support as “anti-imperialists” then do remember Lady Renouf, don’t forget David Irving and certainly not those nasty pair of neo-Nazis.

Update: I would refer incoherent neo-Nazis, Lady Renouf’s friends and assorted Hitler lovers to my comments policy, in my recent post.

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