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Don’t F***ing Tell Me What To Do.

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No, not my words but the courageous Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.

Engage had this gem, and many more informative posts.


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09/08/2010 at 19:25

Boycott Egypt !

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No, I’m not suggesting that, but there is an amusing spoof doing the rounds.

It argues that because of Egypt’s terrible treatment of Palestinians, the building of a wall at the Egyptian end, the handling of the recent convoy and general nastiness that they should be boycotted.

Surprisingly, the usual suspects are against it, so it’s not the treatment of Palestinians which invokes a boycott or the threat, but **who** does it.

Apparently from this mindset, it is unbecoming for Israelis to ever do anything nasty, but is somehow more acceptable when it’s done by Egyptians.

Make your own mind up:

”Jews for Boycotting Egyptian Goods

News Release

No. NR – 238

LONDON, January 14 — A new boycott campaign against Egypt that will require the cooperation of every lover of Palestine has been launched by a group of prominent British Jews, it was announced today.

“It is high time we exposed the crimes against humanity committed by the modern pharoah of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, who is caging in the long-suffering Palestinians of Gaza with an apartheid wall of 100 metres in depth made of steel, ” stated primary school teacher Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi.

Speaking to dozens of activists in a Walthamstow church, Ms. Wimborne-Idrissi stated that Egypt has prevented over 30 million pounds worth of British medical equipment and drugs from entering Gaza. Just recently, that country had bloodied the limbs of hundreds of Viva Palestina activists for bringing a convoy of much needed food and medicines to Gaza and deported British Respect MP George Galloway for leading this convoy.

The former Reuters news correspondent deplored the callous disregard by the Egyptian leadership of the plight of their Arab brethren in Gaza. “It is simply incomprehensible that the government of Egypt is applying this brutal blockade against Gaza,” she declared. As a consequence, her new organization — Jews for Boycotting Egyptian Goods (J-BEG) — will be demanding that all UK importers halt immediately their purchases of cotton yarn and garments, rugs, fertilisers, dates, figs, and sheet metal from Egypt. In addition, all UK firms with investments in Egypt will be pressured to transfer these to other countries.

“We are confident that the UK public is prepared to support our initiative until the the racist Egyptian siege of Gaza is broken,” Ms. Wimborne-Idrissi affirmed.

“The welfare of the beleaguered Palestinians in Gaza must be our number one priority,” she stated.

The new boycott campaign is supported by Viva Palestine, the Palestine Solidarity Committees of Britain, Ireland and Scotland, MP George Galloway, Jews for Justice for Palestinians as well as by the democratically-elected Islamic Resistance government of Gaza.

J-BEG co-founder Tony Greenstein, a veteran crusader for the rights of the unemployed, pointed out that the illegitimate Mubarak government of Egypt is being targeted by his comrades with arrest warrants should they step foot on British soil. Under Britain’s laws of universal jurisdiction, war criminals and their ilk are liable to arrest upon the deposition of a citizen’s complaint before a UK magistrate.

He emphasized that his group’s actions were in complete fulfilment of the treasured Jewish tradition of seeking justice for suffering humanity. Moreover, it has the complete approval of his London legal advisers ITN Solicitors, specialists in criminal law.

“As for our Christian and Muslim friends amidst the general public, we do sincerely hope they will be moved to embrace the boycott of Egypt in the finest tradition of ‘love thy neighbour as thyself,’ ” Wimborne-Idrissi and Greenstein concluded.

As I said, it is a spoof and a bit of a wind up, and in many ways tasteless, but it is slightly comical to see how pro-Israeli boycotters react to it, one standard when it comes to Israelis, another for Egyptians. Quel surprise?

[Before anyone asks, I thought that the Egyptian handling of the convoy was unnecessarily heavy-handed, despite the fact that one of their soldiers was killed.]

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16/01/2010 at 15:34

Will They Boycott Antibiotics?

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The onward march of science must be an eternal frustration to the anti-Israeli, pro-boycotter crowd.

No sooner have they tried to demonize or attack some Israelis, than one of those smart Israelis produces a major scientific development.

So it is with Ada Yonath of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. She has just won the Nobel prize for chemistry, shared with two other academics who have made a breakthrough in the study of DNA and ribosome.

As the Times puts it:

“The research is also helping the design of antibiotics to treat people who are infected with a bacterium that has developed antibiotic resistance, for example, some of the strains of bacteria that cause tuberculosis.”

I wonder if anti-Israeli types will be boycotting the medical treatments that come out of Professor Yonath’s work? I seriously doubt it.

In other news, that anti-Israeli fanatic,Vanessa Redgrave, shows just how lazy bigots like her truly are? She argues ‘ “Tel Aviv is built on destroyed Palestinian villages.” True., little realizing how false that statement is. Tel Aviv was build in 1909 on sand dunes.

It takes a certain mentality to be so ill informed on the Middle East and in particular Tel Aviv, founded under Ottoman rule, long before 1948, but then again anti-Israeli types are often not too concerned with facts, science or basic history.

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08/10/2009 at 02:35

Boycott The Planets.

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Not known for their love of all things Israeli, some pro-boycotters might want to ignore, forget or even destroy their pet telescopes as Israelis have discovered a new planet.

After which pro-boycotters might want to stop using Google (oh, yes, they use an Israeli developed algorithm), Intel based PCs, Windows XP, etc and a whole lot of useful medical technologies.

But then again that’s not going to happen, many pro-boycotters are happy to perform token gestures but much less likely to let the boycotting of Israelis have a detrimental effect on their own lives, and so it is with the proposed TUC motion.

It is another piece of gesture politics, doesn’t help anyone in the Middle East but it makes Westerners feel good about themselves. How typically indulgent and how quintessentially Western?

Update 1:
Jeffrey Goldberg nails Walt, Bin Laden and Mearsheimer.

Update 2:
Some of my newer readers are having a bit of difficulty understanding my arguments, above

I thought it was self-evident, but it seems I will have to belabour the point. Pity.

I’m not arguing that we don’t know where Israeli products come from.

My point is that most pro-boycotters will happily “boycott” the odd bagel or even some Dead Sea soap, but they won’t inconvenience themselves terribly.

Most pro-boycotters won’t put themselves out, genuinely, because if they were to do that, then they have to stop using so much technology and maybe even the Internet (as a lot of the routers were designed by Israelis).

There is no difficulty finding out what Israeli products are on the market, in fact there are no end of extremist web sites which publish this information.

Instead my point is that Westerners, nice cushy Westerners, should think that every day they make use of the product of Israeli labour, in terms of Google, Microsoft software, Intel chips and other numerous improvements to humanity.

I think pro-boycotters should stop being hypocrites.

But the pro-boycotters will rarely boycott those lovely items, because it would be far too inconvenient, which brings me to my second point that this boycott is largely a gesture, as it doesn’t achieve anything positive.

However, it certainly achieves something negative, which is to stir up hatred towards Israelis and onward towards Jews, but it doesn’t do anything positive for peace in the Middle East.

Thus, if it doesn’t do anything, apart from make people feel very smug then it is a gesture, a very poor gesture, but that’s what it is.

I do wish that Westerners would stop being so hypocritical in this matter, it would be far better to encourage links between Palestinian trade unionists and Israeli ones and build up solidarity between them, not the opposite.

(H/T: The Debate Link)

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