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Matt On Stonewall And More.

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Matt over at ignoblus reminds us that it is the anniversary of Stonewall, June 28, 1969. Here’s a Beeb program on it.

I also recommend reading several of his posts, On Left and Right and Antisemitism.

this is meaningful because people often mistake all revolutionary tendencies for Left revolutions:

Here’s the trick about spotting the transformation into a white revolutionary movement: The piece that makes them the most revolutionary is anti-Semitism, because it creates for them a ruling class. The invention of a fake ruling class transformed a reform-oriented conservative movement into a revolutionary movement. Jared Taylor [editor of the white nationalist journal American Renaissance], for example, does not embrace the anti-Semitic theories that William Pierce [late leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance] did. Taylor apparently worked in international finance at one point, and he doesn’t see himself as separate from that, despite the people railing at the banks and the Federal Reserve. It would be a mistake to call vanguardists and mainstreamers factions; they’re ideological tendencies, and they can both exist within a single organization.”

On the radio:

Leonard Zeskind looks at the white supremacist movement over the last 30-plus years, and the politics of the disparate groups that make up the movement–from neo-Nazi skinheads and Holocaust deniers to Christian Identity churches and David Duke. His book is Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream.

Hegemonic whiteness and anti-racist antisemitism:

“Matthew Hughey writes at
Moreover, in my doctoral work, “White Guise: The Common Trajectory of the White Antiracist & Racist Movement,”

I found that white male racists and white male anti-racists relied on strikingly similar racist worldviews. (For example, both groups relied upon and often accepted views of blacks and Latin@s as culturally or biologically dysfunctional and dangerous, while simultaneously treating racial “otherness” as a kind of “epidermal capital” which served as a temporary alleviation of their collectively-shared understanding of whiteness as “bland,” “boring,” and “meaningless.”) These shared dimensions of what I call “hegemonic whiteness” were solidified in the nation’s founding as a white male supremacist state. And while these racialized and gendered violent foundations may be invisible to most, their influence is continuously present among varied contexts of predominantly white male groups like white supremacists, American Legion outposts, and even some “white antiracists.”

Customers who bought this also bought:

So the USHMM shooter was apparently influenced by a book called Iron Curtain Over America. I hadn’t heard of this book, so it drew my attention.

On the Amazon page, customers who bought this book also bought an interesting list:

o The Synagogue of Satan probably needs no explanation
o James Petras’s antisemitic Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire
o Koestler’s bizarre The Thirteenth Tribe
o The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul
o Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter
o And something called The Transparent Cabal”

Matt often finds stuff that the rest of us would miss, well worth a second read, finally on Sean Wallis’s racist “joke”.

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