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The Respect Chair, Carole Swords And Racism.

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The CST takes the Respect Chair, Carole Swords to task for her racist “slip”.

Seismic Shock reminded us that she previously promoted a pro-Crusader article from Stuart Littlewood.

Why she would have wanted to associate with an obsessive racist like Littlewood I can’t say, but she could have at least looked him up on Google and taken the hint.

Littlewood writes for Veterans Today, a nasty conspiratorial and antisemitic on-line rag run by the crank and friend of the Far Right, Gordon Duff.

Who can forget Duff’s kind words about Ernst Zundel:

“The best known scholoar of holocaust theories is Dr. Thomas Dalton, author of
Debating the Holocaust; A New Look at Both Sides. Dalton discusses the history of
the “denialist” movement and efforts made to criminalize, not only politically
motivated efforts to change majority perceptions of the holocaust but also stifle
legitimate research into, not only the holocaust but a more accurate history of Europe
in the mid 20th Century. Most recently, Ernst Zundel, a German born researcher
who has questioned issues related to the holocaust was extradited from Canada and
imprisoned for years in Germany for “crimes” that, in America would be considered
not just “freedom of speech” but relatively modest historical enquiry. Zundel
questioned the number “six million” and, in doing so, was arrested and convicted of
an obscure law that creates a special class of truth when Jewish perception is

Zundel, and significant numbers of historians of varying credibility believe the
number of Jewish dead is being vastly over stated along with the methods of killing.
It is their contention that since there is no scientific evidence that gassing or
cremation facilities existed designed for masskilling, a major area of their research,
that numbers of dead should be reassessed. They insist that since camps such as
Auschwitz and Dachau are no longer considered “death camps” and that many other
camps listed disappeared “without any trace” according to their research, that the
number dead should be lowered by up to 80%. “

Is it merely coincidental that “anti-Zionists”, like Carole Swords, end up espousing racist ideas?

I suspect it is more a case of lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas!

Why Galloway Jumped Ship?

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Whatever you think of George Galloway he has a nose for trouble and it seems clear that he saw the implosion of Respect coming.

Apparently, there was a piece on BBC London local news, where the main backer of the Respect Party, Azmal Hussein, has decided to pull the plug.

I don’t know Mr. Hussein, but it seems he was the Respect version of Michael Ashcroft, the party funder.

Mr. Hussein, according to the International Socialism journal, is a millionaire restaurateur and property developer.

I am not familiar with Mr. Hussein but I assume he thought he was throwing good money after bad then decided to stop wasting his time and money. It seems that the writing was on the wall in 2007, or so the Weekly Worker implies.

No doubt the Gorgeous One saw it coming and made arrangements accordingly. I pity Hollywood.

Still, it is a shame that these small parties are equally dependent on the whim of multimillionaires. Not exactly a new type of politics is it?

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12/05/2010 at 19:29