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Blogs in June 2011.

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I thought I should see what others are doing:

Flesh is Grass has an important post on how the EDL managed to march, unescorted, from Redbridge to Dagenham.

Yaacov Lozowick has given up blogging. Pity, I didn’t agree with him, much, but he has a thoughtful way and articulates many intelligent ideas.

Johnny Guitar thinks about the Troubles, the Good Friday Agreement and the need for a South Africa-style truth commission, just not at the moment.

Weggis on the case against biofuels. Completely agree, it seems so questionable to use food stuff or related material as fuel for the internal combustion engine.

Harry Barnes on Sorting Out The Labour Party, which I think is very optimistic. In the short term they could ditch Ed Miliband, try to be a bit radical, really, seriously distance themselves from the skeleton of New Labour. Chance would be a fine thing.

In related news, I am not surprised that Ed Miliband is less popular than Iain Duncan Smith or William Hague, when they were in a similar position. Frankly, Miliband’s inarticulate, has the charisma of a saucer and he’s politically useless.

Jams looks at an evil cat, great photos.

Mark Gardner at the CST has a reflective post on the situation at UCU and its wider implications, From UCU to MEMO and “Israel’s British hirelings”.

Ten minutes hate on the ‘miracle villages’.

Chris Dillow considers Miliband’s power blindness.

Nick Lowles provides a photo and details of the EDL thugs racial attack in Dagenham.

Sorrel Moseley-Williams ponders Journalists’ Day in Argentina.

Not a blog, but worthwhile all the same. Searchlight on the BNP’s use of Facebook and Twitter.

Rosie looks at Fact and Fiction.

James Bloodworth has a couple of cracking posts, Will the Defence Secretary’s links with Sri Lanka compromise British calls for an enquiry? and Isn’t it time for an apology, Mr Chomsky?

Rebecca provides an update on the Gaza flotilla. Personally, I think the Israeli Government should allow them into Gaza with minimum fuss or hassle. I think Gazans should get as much as they can, after all living under Hamas must be terrible.

Jack of Kent looks at the arrest of blogger Jacqui Thompson and the many unanswered questions.

Greens Engage on Cynthia and Jello.

At Greater Surbiton, a guest post by David Pettigrew, Justice in Bosnia after Mladic.

Eric Reeves has a piece in the Washington Post, In Sudan, genocide anew?

Engage has an abundance of posts which should be read, just a small selection: Open antisemitism doesn’t harm your reputation, Sally Hunt pretends not to understand the term “institutional racism” and Richard Kuper on the Working Definition of Anti-Semitism (by Eve Garrard)


Assorted Middle East.

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Saudi troops in Bahrain were probably trained by the British or so the Torygraph says.

IAEA worried about Iran’s enrichment programme and the past goings-on in Syria.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s activities have focused the limelight on politicians and with reason.

Are their strains within the Hamas leadership? Reuters seems to think so.

Ahmadinejad going shortly? Not before time.

Insider trading? Members of Congress, strangely do very well in their dealings.

Netanyahu, a diplomatic failure? He’s very popular, all of 37% !

Saudi’s rulers try to stop revolutions in the Middle East.

Lessons From Tahrir Sq.

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Rounding Up The End of Bin Laden’s Death.

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Nearly A Bin Laden Obituary.

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I was part way through writing my own short obituary of Osama bin Laden when I changed my mind on what I wrote, a common predicament for bloggers, realising that my words didn’t convey what I wanted to say, so I will leave it for another day.

In the interim here is a partial round up of other people’s views on this event.

David Wood at HuffPost talks about National Counterterrorism Center: How A Little-Known Spy Agency Helped Track Down Osama Bin Laden.

Adam Holland says He died a coward.

AP on 9/11 kin praise bin Laden death while nursing pain.

Washington Post’s David Ignatius on How the U.S. found and finished Bin Laden.

Whilst most people welcomed bin Laden’s demise, not everyone did, Hamas Leader mourns Bin Laden’s death:

Time’s Bin Laden: Wives Can Say The Darndest Things.

Stop the War Coalition didn’t seem to happy about it, as their tweets suggest and with their link to that crank, Justin Raimondo.

Channel 4 News, The man who tweeted the US raid on Osama bin Laden without knowing.

Jeffrey Goldberg on The Warp-Speed Rise of ‘Deatherism’.

Elsewhere Twitter when mad at the news, nice graph.

The Economist doesn’t miss the political angle, what this means for 2012.

Foreign Policy on After truthers and birthers, deathers?

Jonathan Kay is good on The Immortal Terrorist.

The New Yorker ponders killing Osama: Was it legal.

Over at NPR, How Do They Know He Was Bin Laden?

The Beeb video is informative, Osama Bin Laden killed in top secret operation.

Finally, Trump Demands Bin Laden’s Long-Form Death Certificate: Hawaiian Investigators Sent to Pakistan.

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March And A Rough Around Up.

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A backlog of drafts and emails mean it is round up time again:

The JC on Clare Solomon losing.

Saudi rulers try to buy whole population at Reason.

Weggis on the No Fly Zone.

Protests going in Gaza, Hamas not happy, beating people up:

“More than a dozen protesters were seen being taken away in ambulances after a protest this weekend, though medical authorities would not confirm that there were injuries. Websites dedicated to the protests linked to videos and photographs showing plainclothes police officers wielding clubs and sticks against protesters.

Foreign news organizations, including the Reuters news agency, CNN, and the Associated Press complained that Hamas supporters had broken into their offices and seized video of the protests. Hamas denied the charge and said there’d been a “mistake.” “

In Japan, the elderly left to fend for themselves, appalling.

Smiley Culture Update.

Liverpool libel and Gaddafi at the Index on Censorship.

Rebecca Lesses on the UN resolution and Libya.

Tales of Gilad Atzmon still roll on at Bob’s, with a dose of revisionism. If you ever want to read the SWP fawning over Atzmon try here.

Not forgetting the SWP’s defensive statement on Gilad Atzmon.

Flesh on Doing Something.

Jim on all things Green, including EDM 1565: Libya, North Africa and the middle East.

Harry Barnes on Libya in 2011 is not Iraq in 2003

Ten minutes hate in Japan.

Stroppy takes a rest from blogging.

Max Dunbar on ‘Thank a union guy’.

Martin doing The week in links.

Jhate’s Anti-Semitism News.

Paul Stott reminds us of Ray’s Ten Commandments. I liked 5 and 8.

Green’s Engage covering A Palestinian Tahrir.

Israel blamed for Japan nuke disaster, Adam Holland spills the beans on Gilad Atzmon’s racism. Oh yeah, guess who Atzmon blames? Hmm, not too hard to work out eh?

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Roll Around Roundup

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A bit of a cheat, various items that caught my eye, second failure in three years:
“When the Department for Transport boasts that a company has agreed to pay £1 billion or more over the life of a franchise, it neglects to point out that only a tiny fraction of that amount is guaranteed in the small print. Companies can walk away from their franchises and only have to surrender a “performance bond”, which in National Express’s case is £32 million.”

17 Web Browsers for Linux, Chrome for Linux is the one to watch, Firefox is still rather buggy, awaiting a patch kit, when it works they found it was faster, the best stability tip I can suggest is to turn off all video plug-ins.

Forty years ago, almost, Apollo 11 landed on the moon, listen to the take off. The Apollo 11 home at NASA. The BBC’s Sky at Night and the Apollo landings. Apollo 11 images.

Shuggy on understanding Ben White and racism.

In Darfur: “Fears are growing that an Irish aid worker kidnapped near Darfur was seized by an Islamist militia linked to the Sudanese regime, Irish government sources said last night.”

The Iranian regime and journalists.
Azarmehr looks at PressTV and its Western mouthpieces.

Martin on UCU: “On Saturday UCU general secretary Sally Hunt represented the union at a protest outside the Iranian embassy, as part of the Justice for Iranian Workers campaign.”

Bob’s got some good questions.

coming along a pace.

Finally, Antix Linux, one of my favourite distros is out on public test and it even has autologon now, great.

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Mid-Week Around Up.

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I am a bit knackered at the moment, and even less coherent than normal but following Jim and Bob’s example I am going to do a quick round up of various blogs that I read, some you’ll like and some not.

Over at a very public sociologist, Phil looks at conspiracy theories and 7/7.

Pastor porn at Bartholomew’s notes and a lot more.

Bob, himself is good, in particular this bit:

“In contrast, MRZine seems to play towards what I call the ZLeft. The ZLeft takes an outwardly libertarian anti-establishment form, but lacks any political analysis apart from hatred of America and the West, and is therefore easily seduced by any authoritarian thugs who “defy” America.”

I was hoping for some lucid academic insights into the situation in Iran at Crooked Timber, but can’t find any, still at least they don’t neglect popular culture with the clip of Michael Jackson.

Dave looks at the YouGov survey on BNP voters, not nice reading. He wonders about the ‘male beauty crisis’ and rightly has a dig at politicians pontificating.

Jim on tennis and plenty of Green thingies.

There are no messiahs considers Alan Woods and An Introduction to Trotsky’s Writings on Art, whilst thinking about democratic centralism. I am almost weeping with despair.

The Revolutionary Flowerpot Society has a piece on a demonstrator, previously kept in a secret prison in Iran.

Yaba Yaba describes the sit-in at Cairo airport of blogger and journalist, Wael Abbas.

Gerry Burke at the Irish Left Review looks at Obama and the socializing of the Health Care system in the US.

John Gray loves it when the SWP and the Socialist Party slag each other off. Whereas Seismic shows us Billy Graham’s darker side.

The Contentious Centrist in a more serious mode looks at the Mumbai killers, then reminds us of Pogroms and Death Camps.

Finally, the CST has details of a report into the BNP’s performance in the recent local and European elections, and later on argues that “people who want to criticise or campaign against Israel should exercise care that their activities do not invoke or allude to traditional antisemitic imagery or language.”

You’d think they were stating the bleeding obvious, but when you look at Cif or the Guardian it becomes clear that many just sleep walk into nihilistic anti-Jewish racism without a moment’s thought.

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