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An Update, The Hanley Mosque Fire.

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The racial attack on the Hanley Road Mosque took place in December 2010 but it is only now that we’ve heard of an arrest or two, this is Staffordshire reports:

“TWO men were due to appear in court today accused of starting a fire at a mosque.

Simon Beech, aged 23, and Gareth Foster, aged 28, both from Stoke-on-Trent, have been charged with arson with intent to endanger life following the blaze at the mosque in Regent Road, Hanley on December 3.

Two other men arrested in connection with the incident have been released from their bail without charge.”

There is a suggestion on the web that at least one of them is connected to the English Defence League, I don’t know how true that is, but it seems probable.

Update 1: The Newstatesman has more on the Daily Star and the EDL.

Update 2: Andy looks at the Australian Defence League.

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Racial Attack on Hanley Mosque.

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A Very Public Sociologist has a terribly disturbing post, Shelton Mosque Attack and Racist Violence:

“At work this afternoon I heard there had been an attempt to blow up the new Shelton Mosque near Hanley in Stoke-on-Trent. According to the mosque committee, the police, and the local paper, the perpetrators tapped a gas main and fed a pipe into the mosque before attempting to ignite it. Needless to say the damage done to the building as well as nearby residences could have been catastrophic. Understandably the police are treating the attempted attack as a racist incident.”

Update 1: Highland Host a local blog also has a post on it.

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