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Ron Paul Supporters And The Neo-Nazi Shooter.

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Adam Holland relates:

“The domain name for the racist website maintained by Holocaust Museum terrorist James von Brunn ( is registered to Steve Reimink of West Olive, Michigan (read here and here and here), the domestic partner of one of the leaders of Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign in western Michigan. (Read here and here and here and here.) The first hit of a google search of the phone number registered to von Brunn’s website is the Paul campaign listing. (Read here.) The phone number listed for the website is identical to that listed on the official list of Ron Paul county coordinators. (Read here.) According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Reimink has no known ties to racist groups; however, his email address features numbers frequently used as code by neo-Nazis (read here).”

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Officer Johns.

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According to the AJC, a fund has been set-up for the family of Officer Stephen T. Johns, killed by that aged neo-Nazi Von Brunn, read more here.

On Von Brunn:

“The second ex-wife of James von Brunn, the man who shot and killed a security guard at the Holocaust Museum yesterday, spoke publicly Thursday for the first time. The woman, who asked that her name not be used, went on air with Fox News’ Shepard Smith.

The woman said that in their ten years of marriage, her husband had often spoken of his hatred for “Jewish people and black people.” Those beliefs, she said, were the reason she ultimately divorced him.

She suggested that von Brunn’s attack yesterday may have been a sort-of suicide attempt. Von Brunn was like John Wayne’s character in “The Shootist,” she said. In the movie, John Wayne plays a gunslinger diagnosed with cancer who, as Von Brunn’s ex-wife said, “made sure he wasn’t going to go out lying down with cancer. So he went out and got shot.””

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