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I Go Away For A few Days.

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I go away for a few days and look what happens, the Irish economy melts, some scroungers called William and Kate are plastered across the British papers, my email inbox is overflowing and the blog gets spammed by a semiliterate neo-Nazi.

That’s what happens when you cover the English Defence League, your blog invariably gets undeserved attention from some knucklescrapers, who occasionally start their comments this way:

“Im not a neo nazi but am decendant from an SS officer who gave me great principles for life and he and many others wer not Nazis fanatics but loved their German culture.”

It is that mindless lack of self-awareness which is so galling, and anyone that starts a sentence with “I am not a neo-Nazi, but…” obviously hasn’t got a clue, and shouldn’t be let near a blunt butter knife let alone a PC (or anything electrical).

It is a shame that such people are too stupid to read my comments policy and understand it.

Written by modernityblog

23/11/2010 at 19:11