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Bahrain, Not An April Fool.

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The overall silence in the West concerning Bahrain is worrying and the comparison with Egypt and Libya is not an April fool.

Shrewd readers will have notice my attempt at humour and hopefully they were not taken in, but the Bahrain governments actions are not a joke, Reuters has more:

“(Reuters) – Bahrain released a prominent blogger but detained several people, including a pro-opposition doctor, the latest in a series of arrests since the kingdom’s crackdown on street protests, opposition sources said on Friday.

The tiny island’s Sunni rulers have stepped up arrests of cyber activists and Shi’ites, with more than 300 detained and dozens missing since the crackdown on pro-democracy protests earlier this month.

It imposed martial law and called in troops from fellow Sunni-ruled neighbors, including Saudi Arabia, to quell the protest movement led mostly by the state’s Shi’ite majority.

More than 60 percent of Bahrainis are Shi’ites and most want a constitutional monarchy.

Mattar Ibrahim Mattar, a member of Bahrain’s largest Shi’ite opposition group, Wefaq, said the party’s official arrest count was 329 by Thursday, but that the real number was likely to be over 400.

He said at least 20 people had been detained on Thursday and 31 were missing. It was unclear if those people were in hiding or had been abducted.

There have been several reports of missing people who have turned up dead days later, but activists say that many of their peers are also going into hiding to avoid arrest.”

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01/04/2011 at 16:29

Show Trials Begin.

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The theocracy in Iran has started its prosecution of protesters in the wake of the fiddled election, the Guardian has more:

“The first trials of opposition political activists and protesters arrested after June’s disputed Iranian presidential election began today.

Up to 100 defendants were reported by Iranian media to be appearing before a court in the capital, Tehran, accused of violence following the 12 June vote.

The election sparked days of protests as thousands of Iranians took to the streets to denounce the official results, which declared victory for the incumbent president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

This is a statement from the reformist camp, via Google translation, make of it what you will.

The Huff Post suggests that they are not allowed lawyers and there is no jury.

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01/08/2009 at 17:35

Forbidden From Forming Independent Trade Unions.

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Reuters has more:

“BEIJING (Reuters) – Workers in China have become more aware of their rights and willing to go to court to fight for them, but are still hampered by an official ban on independent unions, a labour activist said on Thursday.

Publicity over the 2008 Labour Contract Law, which was opposed by some private business owners and foreign investors, is partly responsible for increased awareness, said Geoffrey Crothall, editor of China Labour Bulletin (CLB), which on Thursday released a survey of labour disputes in China.

Local governments are also becoming somewhat more accommodating of workers’ claims, although in some industries, particularly coal mining, they collude with bosses to stamp out worker action, he said..

“In general, the Chinese government is more conciliatory towards Chinese workers, but that’s not to say that everything in the garden is rosy,” Crothall told reporters.

“Workers are still harassed and detained, although they are less likely to receive long prison sentences.

Collectively, Chinese workers still lack a mechanism to resolve disputes stemming from unpaid wages and poor working conditions, particularly after an economic downturn last year and made economic growth China’s main priority, he said.

The state-backed All China Federation of Trade Unions is unlikely to fight for workers against owners, since its branches are often dominated by management and local party officials.

The union, which collects dues from members’ wages, last year made a strong push to expand into foreign multinationals’ operations in China.

Chinese workers are forbidden from forming independent trade unions.”

Read the report at China Labour Bulletin.

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10/07/2009 at 01:08

Death To The Dictator

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The Iranian people will not be stopped, AP reports:

“TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Thousands of protesters streamed down avenues of the capital Thursday, chanting “death to the dictator” and defying security forces who fired tear gas and charged with batons, witnesses said. Turning garbage bins into burning barricades and darting through choking clouds of tear gas, the opposition made its first foray into the streets in nearly two weeks in an attempt to revive mass demonstrations that were crushed in Iran’s postelection turmoil. “

Protests 9th July 2009.

Protests 9th July 2009.

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Green Thursday And Other Things.

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As the events in China show, the people are revolting. So it is with Iran, and although in both countries massive state repression has been implemented the people still keep revolting.

Now is your chance to share in those revolts:

“Here is something you can do about it. An anniversary demonstration at the Iranian embassy in London is scheduled for this Thursday, starting at 6 PM. Please wear green and come along to 16 Prince’s Gate, SW7. The nearest Tube station is South Kensington.”

Two Weeks Notice: A Latin American Politics Blog has more coverage of Honduras (thanks to Flesh is Grass). I am still looking for decent local information on events.

Darran at Red Star has a deceptively clever original essay which seeks to answer the question: why has marxism had only limited influence in Britain?


Over at Tulip there’s a piece about the Israeli journalists’ union being expelled from the International Federation of Journalists.

Mick Hartley has provided excellent background to events in and around Xinjiang for many years, read on: Razing Kashgar, A Force for Good, Hizb ut-Tahrir in Xinjiang, China’s Empire and China and Xinjiang.

Update: See Left Luggage for Where now for anti-fascism?

Update 2: Hates Crimes at

Harry Barnes In Memory Of My Father.

Eric Reeves Sudan Elections and Southern Self-Determination: At Growing Risk.

At the El Nuevo Pantano Peronism: A Brief History.

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Heavy Hand

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The Iranian State used the security machinery, militia and bullets to put down the recent protests and in some ways they succeeded, in the short term.

However, the situation in the medium to longer term is not so rosy, the very legitimacy of Iran’s theocracy has been shown to be a sham, only held together by the use of force.

So we should expect more protests and more revolutions in the Middle East, when conditions permit.

These protests were just the first step in overthrowing the brutal regime in Tehran, and that must be the work of the people of Iran, and only they can truly succeeded.

Marg bar coupe d’état.

The BBC has a more considered and rather conservative view.

UPI see Ahmadinejad faces post-protest troubles.

Reuters highlights Iran bans Mousavi ally from leaving the country.

AP finds the dictatorship true to form, Dozens of journalists among jailed in Iran

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