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Kuwait, A Quantico Brig And Now Fort Leavenworth.

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The captivity of Bradley Manning does no favours for America, his treatment has been harsh, petty and unnecessary.

I had not appreciated that Manning was held in Kuwait for two months before his move to the US, and it is fairly clear that the regime at Quantico was used to make him lose his marbles, Kim Zetter has more:

“Manning’s treatment during his detention has been the subject of intense criticism. The ACLU called his treatment “gratuitously harsh” in a letter sent last month to U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates. And former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley was forced to resign after publicly calling Manning’s treatment by the military “counterproductive and stupid.” President Obama found himself defending Manning’s treatment at a press conference last month.

Johnson, however, said there were a number of other issues that led the Pentagon to re-evaluate Manning’s confinement location. These included the length of time he’s expected to be confined prior to undergoing a trial, and the services available to pre-trial prisoners.

Johnson said Quantico was designed for only short pre-trial stays of a few months, whereas Manning was already in his ninth month at Quantico and is not expected to go to trial for many more months. Leavenworth was also more suitable because it has better mental health support and is an Army facility. Manning is an Army soldier, and the case against him is being handled by the Army, not the Marine Corps.

PJ Crowley On Bradley Manning.

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Being sacked for saying what you know to be true is a bit more than annoying, and in this instance rather surprising when you consider what position in the State Department that PJ Crowley held.

He was Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs.

He was the public face of the State Department, and so his criticism of Bradley Manning’s humiliating treatment holds all the more veracity and force.

PJ Crowley is not some chicken-livered-do-gooding-liberal, he’s an ex-military man who would like to see Bradley Manning prosecuted and presumably locked up for decades and decades.

But even he can see how the treatment meted out to Manning is not only degrading but stupid, he writes in the Guardian:

“Based on 30 years of government experience, if you have to explain why a guy is standing naked in the middle of a jail cell, you have a policy in need of urgent review. The Pentagon was quick to point out that no women were present when he did so, which is completely beside the point.

The issue is a loss of dignity, not modesty.

Our strategic narrative connects our policies to our interests, values and aspirations. While what we do, day in and day out, is broadly consistent with the universal principles we espouse, individual actions can become disconnected. Every once in a while, even a top-notch symphony strikes a discordant note. So it is in this instance.

The Pentagon has said that it is playing the Manning case by the book. The book tells us what actions we can take, but not always what we should do. Actions can be legal and still not smart. With the Manning case unfolding in a fishbowl-like environment, going strictly by the book is not good enough. Private Manning’s overly restrictive and even petty treatment undermines what is otherwise a strong legal and ethical position.”

Bradley Manning’s Treatment.

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I suppose that the appalling treatment of Bradley Manning is to break him, to make him confess and more, this is so wrong, the Guardian reports:

“Bradley Manning, the US soldier being held in solitary confinement on suspicion of having released state secrets to WikiLeaks, has spoken out for the first time about what he claims is his punitive and unlawful treatment in military prison.

In an 11-page legal letter released by his lawyer, David Coombs, Manning sets out in his own words how he has been “left to languish under the unduly harsh conditions of max [security] custody” ever since he was brought from Kuwait to the military brig of Quantico marine base in Virginia in July last year. He describes how he was put on suicide watch in January, how he is currently being stripped naked every night, and how he is in general terms being subjected to what he calls “unlawful pre-trial punishment”.

It is the first time Manning has spoken publicly about his treatment, having previously only been heard through the intermediaries of his lawyer and a friend. Details that have emerged up to now have inspired the UN to launch an inquiry into whether the conditions amount to torture, and have led to protests to the US government from Amnesty International.

The most graphic passage of the letter is Manning’s description of how he was placed on suicide watch for three days from 18 January. “I was stripped of all clothing with the exception of my underwear. My prescription eyeglasses were taken away from me and I was forced to sit in essential blindness.”

Manning writes that he believes the suicide watch was imposed not because he was a danger to himself but as retribution for a protest about his treatment held outside Quantico the day before. Immediately before the suicide watch started, he said guards verbally harassed him, taunting him with conflicting orders. “

Update 1: One of Hillary Clinton’s officials even acknowledges the mistreatment of Manning, calling it counterproductive:

“Hillary Clinton’s spokesman has launched a public attack on the Pentagon for the way it is treating military prisoner Bradley Manning, the US soldier suspected of handing the US embassy cables to WikiLeaks.

PJ Crowley, the assistant secretary of state for public affairs at the US state department, has said Manning is being “mistreated” in the military brig at Quantico, Virginia. “What is being done to Bradley Manning is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid on the part of the department of defence.”

Crowley’s comments are the first sign of a crack within the Obama administration over the handling of the WikiLeaks saga in which hundreds of thousands of confidential documents were handed to the website.

It is the first time anyone within the administration has expressed concern about Manning’s treatment, which has included being held for 23 hours in solitary confinement in his cell and being stripped naked every night. Until now the US government had presented a united front, promising to aggressively pursue anyone involved in leaking state secrets. Clinton herself described the WikiLeaks material as “an attack on America” and said “we are taking aggressive steps” to hold those who leaked it to account. “

Update 3: I can understand being concerned for a potential suicide, but it appears that Manning is shackled most of the time and why he can’t be given an equivalent pair of plastic prescription glasses, with unbreakable lenses I don’t know, the Beeb has more:

“Private Manning is being held in solitary confinement at a maximum security US military jail.

He is shackled at all times and has been on suicide watch at the Quantico marine base in Virginia.”

I would like someone to explain to me, how someone shackled at all times and in his underpants, under constant supervision should have his glasses taken away?

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News just In, Assange’s Extradition Ordered.

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According to information coming out of the hearing, Julian Assange’s extradition has been ordered.

Seemingly, he will have 7 days to appeal. Not looking good.

I imagine he’ll lose, then end up in Sweden for a while, and finally the US.

Update 1: The full judgement against Assange is here. Thanks to David Allen Green.

Update 2: This part of the judgement is interesting:

“There was at one stage a suggestion that Mr Assange could be extradited to the USA (possibly to Guantanamo Bay or to execution as a traitor). The only live evidence on the point came from the defence witness Mr Alhem who said it couldn’t happen. In the absence of any evidence that Mr Assange risks torture or execution Mr Robertson was right not to pursue this point in closing. It may be worth adding that I do not know if Sweden has an extradition treaty with the United States of America. There has been no evidence regarding this. I would expect that there is such a treaty. If Mr Assange is surrendered to Sweden and a request is made to Sweden for his extradition to the United States of America, then article 28 of the framework decision applies. In such an event the consent of the Secretary of State in this country will be required, in accordance with section 58 of the Extradition Act 2003, before Sweden can order Mr Assange’s extradition to a third State. The Secretary of State is required to give notice to Mr Assange unless it is impracticable to do so. Mr Assange would have the protection of the courts in Sweden and, as the Secretary of State’s decision can be reviewed, he would have the protection of the English courts also. But none of this was argued.

I have specifically considered whether the physical or mental condition of the defendant is such that it would be unjust or oppressive to extradite him.

In fact as I am satisfied that extradition is compatible with the defendant’s Convention rights, I must order that Mr Assange be extradited to Sweden.

Howard Riddle
Senior District Judge (Chief Magistrate)
Appropriate Judge

24th February 2011 “

Update 3: There a site for Wikileaks videos,

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Malmo And Racial Attacks.

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There is often a romanticised view of Sweden, a social democratic paradise, solid welfare state, content people and a relatively harmonious society.

That is one misplaced view.

As Malmo has shown a real, much darker, side to Swedish society, the reported:

“Last year there were 79 crimes against Jewish residents reported to the police in Malmö, roughly double the number reported in 2008, according to the Skånska Dagbladet newspaper.

“That probably doesn’t tell the whole story because not everyone chose to make a report. Perhaps they fear they will add to an already infected situation,” Susanne Gosenius, a hate crimes coordinator with the Skåne police, told the newspaper, which has published series of articles about the growing anti-Semitism in Malmö.

In addition, Jewish cemeteries and synagogues have repeatedly been defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti, and a chapel at another Jewish burial site in Malmö was firebombed in January of last year.

There are currently an estimated 3,000 Jews living in the south of Sweden, with most residing in Malmö, Helsingborg, and Lund.

About 700 currently belong to the Jewish Community of Malmö, but the group’s membership rolls have been dropping steadily in recent years.

“It’s sort of a downward spiral,” Sieradzki told The Local.

“People want to maintain their Jewish traditions, but when they see others leave after being threatened, they begin to question whether or not they want to stay here.”

Skånska Dagbladet highlighted the case of Marcus Eilenberg, a 32-year-old father of two who has decided to move to Israel.

“My children aren’t safe here. It’s going to get worse,” he told the newspaper

Eilenberg’s family on his mother’s side has roots in Malmö that date back to the 1800s, while his father’s parents came to Sweden in 1945 after surviving Auschwitz.

He describes for the newspaper how people call him “damn Jew” (‘jävla jude’) when he walks to synagogue and that his friends are frequently harassed and threatened.

“Imagine that my family can’t feel safe in fantastic Sweden. It’s really terrible,” Eilenberg told Skånskan.

He blamed part of the problem on passive local politicians who he believes have failed to openly distance themselves from anti-Semitism and refuse to act when members of the Jewish community find themselves under constant threat.

Sieradzki agrees that the attitudes of Malmö politicians, especially Social Democrat city council chair Ilmar Reepalu, have allowed anti-Semitism to fester.

“He’s demonstrated extreme ignorance when it comes to our problems,” Sieradzki explained.”

That was a point echoed by an article in the Torygraph from earlier on this year:

“Malmo’s Jews, however, do not just point the finger at bigoted Muslims and their fellow racists in the country’s Neo-Nazi fringe. They also accuse Ilmar Reepalu, the Left-wing mayor who has been in power for 15 years, of failing to protect them.

Mr Reepalu, who is blamed for lax policing, is at the centre of a growing controversy for saying that what the Jews perceive as naked anti-Semitism is in fact just a sad, but understandable consequence of Israeli policy in the Middle East.”

In BBC’s Heart And Soul Wendy Robbins looked at antisemitism and Holocaust denial, covering Malmo and how antisemitism is becoming mainstream.

This is the first programme.

The second one, both are available as downloads or listen to on the Iplayer.

(Hat tip: Engage)

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Who are The Pirates?

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I am not really in the mood for commenting on the British general election, but I have noticed that the Pirate Party are standing.

I suspect that the smaller parties will pick up a lot of votes as a result of dissatisfaction with mainstream politics and wider alienation, and the Pirate Party could be one of the beneficiaries, so it might be worthwhile examining their background.

The Pirate Party movement was originally a Swedish phenomena and came about as a response to the court action taken against Pirate Bay, one of the world’s largest file sharing sites.

In the end, founders of Pirate Bay were jailed and given massive fines.

The Pirate Party was eventually formed and gained electoral support in Sweden.

Subsequently, international groups were formed in other countries including the UK. I am concerned as to how much of this is genuine and how much could eventually be exploited by the Far Right.

The Swedish Pirate Party received funding from Carl Lundström, the backer of Swedish Far Right and xenophobic groupings.

Expo has more on Carl Lundstrom.

Briefly searching the Swedish forums of the Pirate Party you see an amount of obvious racism, a bit of 9/11 truthing, anti-Obama sentiment and the Offal libel.

However, I can’t make up my mind on them. Are they just well-meaning individuals with a few cranks on their fringes or something else? I am not sure.

Update 1: I got it wrong, they appealed and weren’t jailed, yet.

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A Racist Speaks Out On YouTube.

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That nauseating and disturbing individual, Gilad Atzmon, is at it again, droning on about the “Offal libel” once more, but seemingly in all seriousness.

The racism that slips from Atzmon’s lips is staggering, and I would like to apologise to readers for this link to a rather nasty conspiracy theorist’s and 9/11 truther’s YouTube channel, but it is an illustration of how far Atzmon has gone.

Atzmon casually discusses the lie concerning organ harvesting at 03:46 on this video clip.
[Warning: a link to awful material, full of conspiracy theories and antisemitic filth]

Scoop: Swedes Harvest Norwegian Fishermen’s Feet.

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Scoop. An investigation by Israeli journalists has revealed that Sweden is harvesting the feet of Norwegian fishermen in an effort to compete with Norwegian salmon products.

The original Hebrew version is here from Ynet. This is a JPost summary of that startling news story:

“In an article in the opinion section of the paper’s Website Sunday afternoon, a journalist under a pseudonym penned a story, complete with dateline, research and witness accounts in quotation marks, alleging that Sweden, in an effort to compete with salmon products from neighboring Norway, harvested the feet of Norwegian fishermen to extract the secret ingredient that – according to the article – makes the Swedish salmon dish more palatable: the fungi growing on Norwegian fishermen’s feet.

The Yediot story even names the Swedish army’s secret unit whose job it is to harvest the organs: Stinkande strumpor [Swedish for ‘smelly socks’]. “

Below is an imperfect Google translation into English which gives you the meat of these terrible allegations against the Swedes.

Obviously, there has been no comment from the Swedish government yet. Carl Bildt is notably silent on the matter.

An English version has been released:

“Arnolf Lillehammer, a resident of the Norwegian village of Idiben, located near the Swedish border, will never forget the last time he saw his father alive. “It happened just before the last summer,” Arnolf recounted. “The lake was about to freeze, and dad went out to fish in the afternoon. He asked me to help him clean the fish when he returns. After three hours we started to worry. The next day, after we found his boat, we realized something terrible had happened.”

Three weeks later, Arnolf’s fears were replaced by pure horror, after finding his father’s corpse buried in the snow, with both his feet cut off.

This was not the only disappearance in the area. In fact, dozens of cases of fishermen failing to return home at the end of the day were recorded in eastern Norway in recent years. The locals attributed the many disappearances to the harsh winter conditions; fierce snowstorms did not leave any hope for finding the bodies. However, the horrible fate of Arnolf Lillehammer’s father, Videkon, made it clear this was a much more sinister affair than previously thought.

The bizarre death was extensively covered by local media and police officials devoted great efforts to solving the mystery, but answers were not forthcoming. However, the Lillehammer family finally received some unexpected help: One clear summer day, a man by the name of Bjorn B. (the full name is being withheld) appeared at the family’s door and presented himself as a Swedish army defector.”

[Hat tip: Petra MB]

Atzmon’s Unstinting Racism

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Many blogs and the media have already covered the disgusting racist stories coming out of Sweden concerning organs.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before age old racist tropes would be updated for the 21st century, still it is depressing to see that a leading Swedish newspaper could print this nauseating rubbish.

Not unsurprisingly that well-known anti-Jewish racist, Gilad Atzmon, has leaped on the bandwagon:

[Linked to a cached copy, not that awful racist site]

“But now the news about Israeli trafficking of human organ is spreading to Western mainstream media. Ynet, the biggest Israeli online newspaper, reported today that “Leading Swedish daily Aftonbladet claimed in one of its articles that IDF soldiers killed Palestinians in order to trade in their organs.”

A few weeks ago we had a debate here on PTT whether Zionism is a colonial apparatus or not. One of the Materialist arguments against the perception of Zionism as a colonial practice was that Palestine has never been too attractive economically; it lacks oil, gold or minerals. However, this may change now. People who specialise in organ theft may find Palestine to be heaven on earth. In the light of the latest vastly spreading accusations, the Jewish national project maybe is colonial after all. “

I wonder if there is any depth to which Atzmon will not plunder? I do hope that his entries on Wikipedia and Citizendium are updated accordingly, but I somehow doubt it.

Update 1:
Engage is covering it, and it is possible to make a comment to the editor via this page (corrected link!)

Be aware they delete comments they don’t like, btw what is “freedom of speech” in Swedish?

Update 2:
Jonathan Leman has more, in the original Swedish, and via Google’s translator.

Update 3: – The Irish Politics Website covers it too as “IDF kill Palestinians for their organs: Sweden’s Aftonbladet”, thankfully many see through it.

Update 4:
European Journalism Centre picked up the story via

“Sweden’s embassy in Tel Aviv has sharply condemned Sweden’s largest circulation newspaper Aftonbladet for publishing an article accusing the Israeli Defence Forces of harvesting the organs of Palestinians. “The article in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet is as shocking and appalling to us Swedes, as it is to Israeli citizens. We share the dismay expressed by Israeli government representatives, media and the Israeli public. This Embassy cannot but clearly distance itself from it,” writes Ambassador Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier on the Swedish Embassy website. Aftonbladet’s article, ‘Våra söner plundras på sina organ’ (‘They plunder the organs of our sons’), has sparked outrage in Israel. Published on Monday, the article by photographer and writer Donald Boström accuses the Israeli army of involvement in the illegal human organ trade.”

More at

Update 5: The European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism (EISCA) see it as Recycling Old Libels.

Update 6:
Scanning the web and blogs via Google the original Aftonbladet story has been picked up by the Far Right, some extremists blogs and even on David Icke’s forums.

Update 7: The author of the piece, Donald Boström says “But whether it’s true or not – I have no idea, I have no clue.” “

There you have it, Boström pushes a racist libel in a national newspaper and he’s not even sure if it is true or not. What a sorry excuse for a journalist he is.

JPost has more:

“A report in Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet earlier this week alleging that Israel was harvesting Palestinians’ organs for transplant continued to cause ripples on Wednesday with statements by Israeli officials, the Swedish Embassy in Tel Aviv and the writer of the report.

“I have a personal opinion, it concerns me that it’s true,” Donald Bostrom, who penned the story, told Israel Radio en route to an emergency meeting at the editorial offices Aftonbladet, presumably to discuss the aftermath of the report.

“I was [present] during the interview that night, I was a witness. It concerns me to the extent that I want it to be investigated,” Bostrom told the station. “But whether it’s true or not – I have no idea, I have no clue.”

He was referring to a Palestinian witness who recounted an incident where a Palestinian was allegedly taken by the Israeli military and his body returned several days later – lacking some internal organs. “

Also at the Jewish Chronicle and the Torygraph.

Update 8: Strangely enough, the Guardian is not covering the story. Ops, stand corrected the Guardian’s search engine didn’t find any articles, but there’s a small AP one here.

Update 9: Norm on it.

Update 10: The comments on Jan Helin’s blog show that such racism is apparently accepted by good few of the posters, hmm. Here’s a translation.

Update 11:
At RevLeft they have a thread on the topic, a few posters realize the racist nature of these accusations, but sadly not enough.

Update 12:
The other Swedish newspaper, Sydsvenskan, has a Leader’s blog on it.

Update 13: Haaretz on Swedish daily hits back at critics of IDF organ harvest story:

“Helin called it an opinion piece raising questions of Israel in the context of a suspected link to Israel in that U.S. case. He denied any suggestion of anti-Semitism from his paper.

Sweden’s ambassador to Israel issued a press release on Wednesday condemning the article which appeared in Aftonbladet. “

Update 14: The Swedish government is rather maladroit:

The Swedish government on Thursday distanced itself from a statement by its ambassador to Israel, in which she criticized a newspaper article claiming Israel Defense Forces troops killed Palestinian youths and harvested their organs.

“The condemnation was solely the judgment of the embassy [in Tel Aviv], and designed for an Israeli audience,” said a statement released Thursday by the Swedish Foreign Ministry”

Update 15: Carl Bildt seems to lack political common sense and decency:

“Bildt wrote in a blog post late Thursday that he wouldn’t condemn an article in Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet that suggested IDF troops harvested the organs of dead Palestinians. He says freedom of expression is part of the Swedish constitution.

Bildt said the condemnation of anti-Semitism was the only issue on which there has ever been complete unity in the Swedish parliament.”

Elsewhere Bildt says:

“Bildt however expressed understanding for the feelings of the Israeli people over the article penned by photojournalist Donald Bodström in which he alleged that the Israeli Defence Force systematically removed and traded the organs of dead Palestinian men.

“That the accusations of the article’s author awoke strong feelings in Israel is not difficult to understand. Bitter historical experience has led to a natural and strong sensitivity to implications or accusations which could give antisemitism a chance to develop,” Bildt wrote.

The foreign minister concluded by defending the importance of maintaining a free press and protecting freedom of speech but said that there were lessons to be learned from both this and the Muhammad cartoon debate.

“We live in a world where the public debate spills over old boundaries and where we all in various contexts would be wise to be aware of the historical, national and religious sensitivities.” “

I suppose that means that some Swedes can feel smug about themselves, but it does little to convince others that Blood Libels and other racists accusations are covered by blanket approval of “freedom of speech”.

Update 16:
Barry Rubin on The blood libel that won’t die.

Update 17:
Part of this story has gone global, but not in the original sense. Most of the newer articles concentrate on the Israeli government’s reaction to the absurd and vile accusations, but don’t necessarily debunk or question the validity of the original story.

A recent search of the web reveals that Reuters, Associated press, the Torygraph, a Syrian news agency, PressTV, the Spectator and various Arab news sites have references to Donald Boström and Aftonbladet.

Please bear in mind that the first web sites and blogs to push Boström’s story were on the Extreme Right, either committed purveyors of antisemitism or neo-Nazis and their friends.

Aftonbladet has come in for criticism in Sweden from Sydsvenskan, and Stockholm News.

There may probably be even more in Swedish language press and media, if you can read it.

So I think it paints a false picture to use Donald Boström’s strange mixture of gullibility and greed against the Swedes, all nine plus million of them.

I doubt the editor of Aftonbladet will ever admit his own error of judgment in running the story, but that is probably more to do with his position as editor and his own lack of character, than anything else, as Robert Nyström puts it:

“Helin then describes how a hateful campaign now has started against the cultural section of Aftonbladet, and mentions that he quickly received 200 hateful emails from all around the world.

He thereby tries to make Aftonbladet into some kind of martyr in the name of press freedom, instead of doing something much more suited: giving the public an apology for the sloppy editorial policy of the paper. This is despicable in its dishonesty and shamefulness. “

Update 18: There’s been a lot of comment on this issue, but this from SO Muffin is surely one of the most succinct and lucid.

“This thread is doing funny things to people. With abject surprise, I have to agree to every single word of Judy. What next?

It is not as if Europe per se was anti-Semitic or if there was a huge tidal wave of anti-Semitism, or even anti-Zionism afoot. Those of us who actually live here (i.e. in Europe) can tell it from our personal experience.

Yet, the Aftonbladet affair is vitally important and it is absolutely vital to react to it and expose it for the toxic smear it is.

Racism (and, folks, anti-Semitism is neither more nor less than plain, stupid racism) is based on racist tropes, from the outright objectionable (oily Greeks, hook-nosed Jews, idle Blacks, stupid Irish, smelly Italians, treacherous Arabs) to the thoroughly, absolutely nasty (Jews slaughtering Gentile children to use their blood, Blacks raping blonde virgins, …). Such tropes are emphatically not some sort of harmless background: they are the major vehicle of desensitization, so that people become inured to racism and willing to break social and personal taboos to advance their hate.

Now, it is of course possible for an individual Jew, like for any other individual, to kill a non-Jew for his-or-her organs. Unlikely, but possible. It is equally possible, say, for a Black to rape a blonde virgin (although statistically it is hugely more likely for a blonde rapist to do so). But, firstly, there is a huge difference between an individual perpetrating this sort of crime and an accusation that it is done collectively: that, say, the Blacks of Chicago, or Jews of Israel are engaged, purposefully and together, in this sort of enterprise (as claimed by Aftonbladet).

Secondly, everybody but a hardened racist will realise the sheer danger in this sort of blank accusation. Hence, everybody but a hardened racist will require hard evidence from reliable sources. The only “evidence” in the Aftonbladet article is that bodies of Palestinians who have been killed in encounters with IDF have been returned to their families “with stitches along their abdomen”. Well, even the author would have known perfectly well that in every organised country (yes, even in Sweden) everybody who has died an unnatural death will be autopsied (in Israel, by the Forensic Medicine Institute in Abu Qabbir, in South Tel Aviv) – and stitches along the abdomen are (as everybody who has viewed any of all these morbid police procedural dramas will know) characteristic of an autopsy. To use this (knowingly!) as the sole source for a canard based on long-standing anti-Semitic trope is a deliberate act of anti-Semitism of the highest order.

And this precisely is why there should be a reaction. Not a violent one, not burning Swedish embassies or boycotting IKEA (founded by a member of the Swedish Nazi Party) or boycotting Swedish academics. Ther should be reaction which is dignified, but resolute. Until the Swedish elites recognise the sort of racist viper that they have nourished at their bosom.”

Update 19:
Read J.J.Goldberg’s The Swedish Press Exposes the Invasion of the Jewish Body-snatchers.

Update 20: Aftonbladet are pushing this racist nonsense for the second time with an article that appeared in the Sunday edition by Oisín Cantwell and Urban Andersson.

Update 21: Seth Freeman has a truly awful post on CiF, Israel cries wolf over ‘blood libel’.

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