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The Daily Star And The EDL.

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Anyone that has tried to read the Daily Star will know that it hardly counts as a newspaper. It is the type of publication you would put down to catch bird’s droppings, that’s all its good for.

Nevertheless, its open support of EDL is another marker in the rise of modern neofascism and anti-Muslim hatred.

Just as the BNP were falling apart Britain’s Far Right get a rejuvenating shot in the arm from the Daily Star, Roy Greenslade has more:

“Yesterday’s Daily Star broke new ground by publishing a political splash. Over a picture of flag-waving marchers was the headline English Defence League to become political party.

As this reproduction of its front page shows, it was anything but a neutral presentation. It is a clear piece of propaganda on behalf of the EDL, a group that opposes the supposed spread of Islamic extremism in Britain.

The story cannot be read as anything other than a cheer-leading, uncritical piece on behalf of the EDL. Triumphalist in tone throughout, it required no between-the-lines deconstruction to grasp its intention – to build support for the group among its readers.

Desmond ought to think very carefully about letting the Star use far right politics to build sales.

He should remember what happened in those societies across Europe in the 1930s where Jewish minorities were demonised in the media for their religious beliefs.

Can he not see that the underlying agenda of groups like the EDL is anti-Semitic? What does he think he is doing? “

Update 1: As Minority Thought says:

“It’s not hard to see why the Star would choose to back the EDL. The paper has a long and well-documented history of publishing stories that paint Muslims in a negative light, some examples of which can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Luton And The English Defence League.

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Once more the thugs in the EDL want to stomp their supposed authority on the streets of Britain.

They have tried to do this before, in Leicester, October 2010 and before that in Oldham.

Each time they sought to attack ethnic minorities, intimidate ordinary people and even smash up restaurants. As I wrote before:

“1. The EDL *leadership* is stuffed full of BNPers, ex-BNPers, neo-Nazis and their allies.

2. The EDL always pick towns with high ethnic populations to hold their demonstrations. Their objective is to run amok, abuse and intimidate local people. That’s what they do.

3. The EDL want to start ethnic conflict and anyone that supports or excuses them is beyond the pale of reasoned debate, as they are aiding and abetting racial conflict. “

They are thugs, plain and simple, as their attack on Portsmouth’s Jami Mosque showed.

This time the EDL tried it on in Luton, but they couldn’t manage it despite their own bravado, plenty of booze and police protection, Nick Lowles of HOPE not Hate has more in a rolling commentary of the day:

” Foreign nazis are arriving in Luton looking for trouble. Far right activists from Sweden have been here for a couple of days and Norwegian and Dutch extremists are arriving shortly. Our spotters have also just seen a carload of German Blood & Honour supporters, wearing Combat 18 shirts, driving through the town.

We are also expecting hardliners from Vérité, Valeurs & Démocratie (VVD), a front organization of Bloc identitaire from France. ”

“Further to my last post the police have stopped the car carrying the German Blood and Honour supporters and are currently searching them.

Some of the Dutch Defence League have arrived. I’ve heard that they were staying in Bayswater, West London, along with some of the German Defence League.

EDL groups from North London, Gateshead, Aylesbury and Milton Keynes are already here. A group boarded a train at St Pancras this morning but nowhere near the numbers the EDL gave to the press. The EDL have been given two pubs and a nightclub to meet up in. The landlords/owners are allowed to serve drinks until 12pm and then close the venues an hour later, after which the EDL march will begin. All 300 pubs across the town will be shut from 12pm and not allowed to reopen until 7pm.

Interestingly, the police have been erecting steel barriers across streets, both to keep the EDL and UAF apart but also on some of the roads linking the EDL march route and Bury Park, where the Muslim community are gathering.”

“There are 18 EDL coaches lined up along Dunstable Road waiting to enter Luton. Police seem unwilling to allow them to move until much closer to the time the demo starts.”

“The EDL leadership appear to have their hands full trying to keep their rowdy bunch in order. There’s the drunken Sunderland group, others throwing bottles at the police and now the Scottish Defence League are taunting their English counterparts with chants of “where are your famous EDL?” ”

“I can now reveal that two of the speakers at today’s rally will be Austrian Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and the surfing rabbi from the US, Nachum Shifren.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is a representative of “Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa” and last year she was charged with “incitement” and “defamation of religious teachings” in Austria.

Nachum Shifren is an extremist Rabbi from California who has close links to the Tea Party.

Just for clarification, the march hasn’t actually started yet. There was some movement 25 minutes ago but it seems that they just moving into position. However, it is about to start any minute now.”

“One really has to question the tactics of the local police. While EDL thugs fight with police Stephen Lennon is helped out of the march and escorted – by police and his own security – to the square where the rally will be held.

Are they affording the same protection to local citizens terrified by the EDL demo?”

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The National Front, Richard Edmonds And The Leader of the EDL.

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Years ago, long before the current incarnation of the British National Party there was the National Front.

The NF lacked the intellect and polish of the BNP, but it more than made up with neo-Nazism and leaders that formed their views amongst the post-WW 2 dregs of the Extreme Right.

Today’s crop of Far Righters did not appear overnight, they have a history both intellectually and physically joined at the hip with Mosleyism and 1960’s British National Socialism.

Few antifascists can forget the picture of John Tyndall or Colin Jordon striding around in fake Brown shirt clobber, replete with Nazi insignia.

Which leads us to Richard Edmonds, long time fixture on Britain’s Extreme Right, who I ran across in the 1970s. He’s not the type of person you could forget, tallish with a grasping violent manner and a true neo-Nazi believer, as HOPE not hate details:

“Richard Edmonds was once a powerful figure in the BNP, the right-hand man to its founder, John Tyndall. Despite his marginalisation under the new “modern” BNP Edmonds remains an important figure whom Griffin cannot afford wholly to ignore, not for who he is but because of what he stands for. After Tyndall’s death in 2005 Edmonds took over as the personification of the “old” hardline, antisemitic BNP, with which many of its activists still identify.

A former member of the National Front, Edmonds was a teacher in Tulse Hill, south London where teachers and pupils alike were less than impressed by his political activities. He is a convinced antisemite and played a leading role in producing the Holocaust denial newspaper Holocaust News.”

The video below shows EDL leader, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson lapping up Richard Edmonds’ racist rants with gusto.

As the antifascist YouTube channel, BNPinfo relates:

“This photo shows EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon with violent race-hate criminal, Holocaust denier and senior BNP and NF official Richard Edmonds, and with John Pater of an openly Nazi group called the November 9th Society.

Richard Edmonds published an extreme right-wing magazine called Holocaust News, which pretended Hitler never gassed Jews, gypsies, gays and disabled people in concentration camps, and is the person who famously admitted on TV that the BNP are “100% Racist”.

The Nov 9th Society is also known (ironically) as the British First Party, but takes the Nov 9th name from the date of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s failed 1923 beer-hall putsch in… Germany!

Despite what the EDL say about how immigrants should respect British laws, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is currently being investigated for money laundering and was jailed for attacking a police officer who tried to stop Yaxley-Lennon beating-up his own girlfriend. “

I think that tells us the type of company that the ex-BNPer and current EDL leader, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson really likes to keep.

(Hat tip: FightBack UK)

Update 1: The JC has more on the November 9th Society:

“Kevin Quinn, leader of the extreme-right November 9th Society, was unequivocal about its policy when the JC called him. Israel, rather than Jews, was the enemy, he insisted, even if that contradicted a past advertisement in a virulently antisemitic publication.

When it was pointed out to Quinn that the majority of people in Israel are Jewish, he replied without a hint of irony: “I was under the impression that Israel was formed as a homeland for all Jews. I would invite all Jews to go back there.”

The society’s spiritual leader is Adolf Hitler and Quinn denies the Holocaust, claiming it was a “physical impossibility.” He contends that 300,000 died from typhoid and Allied bombing.

In any event, he is “not concerned with what happened to Jews or anyone else in a foreign country. I am concerned only with Great Britain and what happens here, with asylum seekers coming through tunnels, with pensioners who cannot afford to pay heating bills, with British soldiers coming home in body bags.”

These sentiments are repeated on the N9S website, which carries videos that, at the very least, are in poor taste.

Kevin Quinn — a 41-year-psychiatric nurse and father-of-four — maintains that the Society is “not Fascist. We are National Socialist.” He claims it has “about 940 members” and organises demonstrations “all over the country.” It hopes to field four or five candidates in next year’s local elections.

But one source who monitors far-right organisations questioned the membership claims. “When they do appear, they cannot muster more than about a dozen people. They like to dress up in uniforms but do not do much else.”

Quinn admitted to having worn a uniform in the past but claimed he no longer did so. He did not give Nazi salutes in public.

He dubbed the British National Party “Conservatives on steroids.” “

English Defence League, Questioned By The Police.

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HOPE not hate has released an excellent video clip of the English Defence League leader, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA ‘Tommy Robinson’.

This is taken from the events on Saturday, 9 October 2010 in Leicester.

Yaxley-Lennon, a BNP member, is the short bloke in the green top, later on in the video you can see him acting macho and telling the police to “Fuck off”.

If you look closely you might see an EDLer giving the Nazi salute.