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China’s People Are Revolting.

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Repressive regimes will use any measure against their own people to stay in power.

The State induced violence in Iran showed that, and another example is the revolt in Xinjiang. Jim at the Daily (Maybe) has more.

AP has more:

“BEIJING (AP) — Witnesses say an ethnic protest has spread to a second city in China’s western Xinjiang province after riots rocked the region’s capital, killing at least 140 and injuring more than 800.

A Uighur man in Kashgar city said he was among more than 300 protesters who demonstrated outside the Id Kah Mosque in the late afternoon. He said they police surrounded them. “We were yelling at each other, but there were no clashes, no physical contact,” said the man, who gave his name as Yagupu.

Maimaiti, a man who said he worked at the mosque, said he could hear could hear the protesters and police shouting outside.

A protest in the provincial capital, Urumqi, on Sunday night turned into the deadliest ethnic unrest to hit Xinjiang region in decades.”

Please bear in mind that all media in China is censored and the State maintains a firm grip on what news is published and by whom. It also seriously restricts the movement of journalists in the country. So anything reported might well understate the seriousness of the situation.

From entdinglichung:

“Groups of ethnic Han Chinese have marched through the city of Urumqi carrying clubs and machetes, as tension grows between ethnic groups and police.

Security forces imposed a curfew and fired tear gas to disperse the crowds, who said they were angry at violence carried out by ethnic Muslim Uighurs.

Earlier, Uighur women had rallied against the arrest of more than 1,400 people over deadly clashes on Sunday.

The two sides blame each other for the outbreak of violence. “


“Most recent reports indicate that the violent conflicts between the Han Chinese majority and the Uighur ethnic minority in the city of Urumqi are not yet under control. The city is now under the tight supervision of Chinese police and paramilitaries. But while foreign journalists were being given a tour of the city to see the results of rioting, a group of several hundred Uighur women demonstrated nearby, demanding to know where their arrested husbands and sons had been taken. Also seen on the streets of Urumqi have been groups of angry Han Chinese carrying clubs and home made weapons — so far, most of the dead appear to have been Han Chinese.”

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