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Facebook, Wine And Bits.

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I haven’t posted much on technology for ages, so I thought for those of you more interested in politics that I would briefly outline things.

Facebook has added “location-based services”, but if you want to turn them off here’s how to do it.

A new version of Wine is out, it allows you to run Windows applications under Linux and is first rate.

There is more than one way to execute Windows applications on Linux, using Virtual Box is another method and virtual images are exceedingly flexible, if you have the space.

Perplexed nontechnical readers may be wondering why they would want to run Linux? Basically it’s an alternative to Microsoft’s operating systems, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Linux does essentially the same, better and often quicker.

Linux will run on comparatively slow hardware and make it usable, it is free and comes with access to thousands of applications, also free. Microsoft operating systems tend to need lots of memory and modern hardware to run at acceptable speeds.

If there’s a job you do under Microsoft Windows then 98% of the time you can find a good as, if not better, Linux alternative, free.

I won’t deny that initially Linux can be a little bit hard to set up, sometimes, but once it is there you’ll find it rocksolid and you won’t need to reboot every couple of hours, as with Microsoft operating systems.

Linux is used extensively in business and a sizeable percentage of Internet service providers will host their pages under Linux, my bet is that WordPress runs on Linux so you are reading these pages courtesy of Linux, either directly or via Google, which extensively uses Linux.

I favour several versions of Linux, (there are lots!) PClinuxos, MEPIS, Antix Linux and Mint. They’ll do for starters.

Basically, you download a big image (called an ISO) burn it to a CD, reboot and install using that, following the defaults, but reading the screens very carefully. Have a spare CD ready.

The alternative is to use Unetbootin. Have a blank USB ready, it will overwrite it completely. Download and execute Unetbootin, it will prompt for which version of Linux you’d like, after which it will download the ISO and burn it to the USB stick. Again, once it has been successful, reboot and install if you wish.

Personally, I would start using a spare machine if you have one, an old one, just to get use to the installation procedure.

These copies of Linux will boot a Live version running from the CD/USB and then give you the option to install on the hard drive if you want. You will need to partition the disk (the hardest part), which makes space for Linux. Then do the install. Easy. Normally takes anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes!

Have a play around on that spare machine and you can’t do much damage.

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23/08/2010 at 14:32

Whilst I Am A Bit Thick.

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No blogger’s block, rather my minds none too sharp at the moment, so I’ll cover a few technology bits, they are not too demanding and they might be informative, if you’re lucky.

I lied before. I tried PC LinuxOS LXDE version and it hasn’t been too bad. Midori as a browser is a nice experiment and the initial install took only about 6 minutes and 1.2 Gb of space which is very low by today’s standards. You do need to add things, but it allows a certain flexibility. Still it is early days and I haven’t tested it in earnest yet.

Ebooks have a great potential, and whilst I don’t think they will ever replace normal books, they do have lovely possibilities, forgetting Amazon’s Kindle for the moment, I think they could evolve into some form of cheap handheld computer device, like out of Star Trek. Now they are terribly costly and you get the feel that the manufacturers are still trying to find an elegant design. Whatever they choose I hope they use that lovely facility within Kindle for text to speech. Apparently some 17 ebooks will now support Adobe’s EPUB format, which is a way of standardizing the media, even though it is DRMed and trying to break Amazon’s monopoly.

Arch’s been updated, I do wish they’d get a real good X installer version for the lazy and no, Larch is rubbish.

Chrome for Linux is being update regularly, anyone using a Debian derivative should try it.

Wine reaches 1.27, dev.

Texting too much? Hmm, read this.

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14/08/2009 at 04:08

Kindle And Book Thief.

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A quick few bits on the technology side whilst I am about it.

Own a Kindle, did you know that Amazon has the ability to erase your existing books, if they wanted to ? Well, take back might be a better way of putting it.

AntiX is looking good.

Wine is at 1.26 dev, if only Debian would get their finger out and update their Repos any time soon.

But on the brighter side Google Chrome for Linux, dev version, has been updated. Looks like the bookmark manager is working.

Gone But Not Forgotten: Five Great Linux Distributions That Did Not Survive

The ARM port of Slackware could be good, with cheaper ARM-based notebooks possibly coming on the market.

The new Chrome OS, everyone has a view.

Me? I think it is a good idea and should move things along, Microsoft are dead meat.

Oh, Firefox is out, but buggy. Just turn off the plug-ins and see if that helps.

Talking of which Firefox 3.7 mock ups are on the web. Personally, I do wish they’d spend more time on bug fixing than designing pretty schemes and layouts.

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22/07/2009 at 02:02