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Julian Assange In L’Espresso.

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The Italian and Internet readers of L’Espresso had the chance to question Julian Assange, a bit.

I haven’t read it but it might contain something interesting, please let me know if you find any nuggets.

Still, I wonder if we will ever get a full answer as to the communications and links between Assange and Israel Shamir, the Far Rightist.

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31/03/2011 at 01:07

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  1. Nothing about Shamir or Jewish conspiracies in the media on that thread.

    Only ones I found of interest re Assange & Wikileaks were:-

    “Hi Julian!! What do you think about Daniel Domscheit-Berg and his book?
    Can OpenLeaks affect in some way WikiLeaks?
    Posted by Tiziana C @ marzo 30, 2011 12:21″

    A dangerous, malicious, conman. This will come out in the court process.

    (Libel action? Intellectual property violations? Timothy Garton Ash described D-B as “painfully idealistic”.)

    “Hi Julian, why – in your opinion – the New York Times has become so harsh toward you? In a recent past, the NYC was one of the best sponsors of Wikileaks!
    Posted by Federico @ marzo 30, 2011 13:07 (Edit) ”

    The New York Times and Bill Keller, the editor in chief, entered into a conspiracy with David Leigh and Alan Rusbriger in the Guardian to “steal” cablegate from the Washington Post and McClatchy, in violation of express written agreements about how we would be publishing. This rather mundane commercial backstabbing, combined with intense fears about NYT staff being prosecuted over our publications, has driven Keller et al to engage in their various tabloidesque attacks on us.

    (David Leigh etc have another take on that.)

    On a positive side -i.e. what Wikileaks is supposed to be doing is this:-

    “First of all, thank you mr. Assange for your efforts.
    My question is: do you think (or hope) that there are any relationships between Wikileaks and the revolts that are taking place in the Middle-East countries?
    Posted by Giancarlo @ marzo 28, 2011 10:53 (Edit) ”

    The story of our involvement in the MENA uprisings is long and fascinating. So long, you’ll have to read about it in my book since there is not space here. However, briefly, we started publishing cables about the region from early December. In particular, through our arabic partners al-Akhbar ( and al-Masry al-Youm (Cairo). al-Akhbar, the most respected newspaper on-line in the region, published about nearly all the MENA countries, including Tunisia. A site, Tunisleaks, was set up, to also translate our material into French. The Tunisian government banned us and al-Akbar and a hacker war started, also involving Saudi-arabia. al-Akhbar was taken out three times, in what appears to be a state-sponsored attack. Hackers loyal to us, then redirected Tunsian goverment websites to WikiLeaks and the cables exposing the Ben Ali regime, then on December 16 a 26 year old computer technition in Tunis self-immolated, bringing a vital emotional and physical expression to the brewing outrage. Similar events happened with our involvement in Egypt.”

    I don’t know how true that is but that is supposed to be the effect of W’leaks – truth setting you free and so on.


    31/03/2011 at 19:10

  2. Thanks Rosie, I liked your post on Seymour.


    31/03/2011 at 20:07

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