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The Racist, Gilad Atzmon And Zero Books.

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Apparently, the racist Gilad Atzmon is about to have some of his disgusting ramblings published.

The publishers, Zero Books, are a small, relatively new enterprise started in 2009, not to be confused with Zero Press.

Atzmon’s work is very popular on the Far Right, so I had assumed that only active Jew haters would take the time and trouble to publish his filth, but that’s not the case.

Zero Books publish a strange mixture of Paganism, New Ageism and Christianity, with political material as a topping.

This is what they say about themselves, replete with elementary spelling mistakes.

It is not terribly clear who’s behind it, but if you’re interested in healing properties of stones and other such nonsense then Crystal Prescriptions will surely be of interest!

But back to the rational world.

Concerning this issue, there is a kerfuffle on various blogs as to why a publisher of Leftwing authors (and I use the term loosely) should be publishing a racist like Gilad Atzmon.

Many of these posts raise interesting questions, but as far as I can see they fail to analyse with any precision why this situation came about.

What would compel otherwise highly intelligent people (book publishers, etc) to print propaganda for a racist?

Could it be that they conceivably agree with his views? That they share some of his prejudices? And if so, why?

And whilst those questions are answered, it would be nice if these issues could be addressed:

Why, latterly, has anti-Jewish racism become so acceptable in Western societies?

What brought this terrible state of affairs about?

There needs to be clear analysis as to why the publishing of the racist Gilad Atzmon came about, not just the details of events, but a broader commentary is needed on why his views are deemed fit for publishing by the intelligentsia and what does that tell us about anti-Jewish sentiment in society?

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  1. The timing on this, for me at leastm is apt. I had always thought Atzmon so far out there that no self-respecting left winger would seriously quote him. Or at least, not in public. Yet this bizarre Democrat has been quoting his views on anti-Semitism to myself and other Jews to try and prove we’re the ones with a problem. I think perhaps people who are into this guy maybe on some level are aware of how bigoted he is, and by extension themselves, and maybe just can’t bear to let anyone know they’re actually fascists? I mean, it’s so obvious, who does anyone think they’re fooling? I just don’t get it, hope you have some theories.

    Marni Jane

    07/08/2011 at 17:59

  2. Sorry MJ, but your comment about “Yet this bizarre Democrat has been quoting his views on anti-Semitism to myself and other Jews to try and prove we’re the ones with a problem “ is unclear.

    Do you mean Atzmon or someone else?

    If the former, I can’t see how Atzmon is a Democrat as he’s based in the UK. His politics are more Far Rightist than anything Lefty or remotely liberal…


    07/08/2011 at 18:45

  3. No, i mean a democrat (party member here active in demonizing israel) here tried to use his work as evidence that a buncch of jews were wrong about anti-semitism. The mentality behind using him for such a purpose is what lead to the rest of the pondering because really, who could honestly think that citing him is a good idea if the person doing the citation considers themselves a liberal. (I really need to start using a real computer, typing with my thumbs gets things all screwed up)

    Marni Jane

    07/08/2011 at 21:15

  4. I don’t know about conversations you’ve had with other people elsewhere, but using Atzmon’s work as a tool to beat Jews with, is despicable.

    The idea that Atzmon cannot articulate anti-Jewish racism merely because of his ethnicity is intellectual nonsense.

    It is like saying a woman can’t be sexist because she’s a woman, and we know there are plenty of examples of that.

    By the same token, it is like saying someone who is gay can’t make homophobic comments, and there are examples of that.

    Or that someone can’t make antiblack comments because they happen to be black, anyone familiar with Chris Rock’s stuff, etc will know what nonsense that is.

    And so on.

    It is a person’s actions and deeds that define whether or not what they do is racist. They cannot hide under some subjective shield of the ethnicity.

    Atzmon is a racist because he invokes racist imagery, he perpetuates a negative image of Jews, he uses age-old anti-Jewish tropes, etc

    That’s why Atzmon is a racist, his ethnicity doesn’t absolve his actions and writings.


    08/08/2011 at 00:38

  5. Zero Authors’ Statement [against the publishing of the book by] Gilad Atzmon

    schalom libertad

    27/09/2011 at 11:21

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