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Galloway and Gay Sex.

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From the outset I have to state I don’t like George Galloway, I never have, he always struck me as a political charlatan and spiv but his latest comments surprise even me:

I wonder how much the Iranian theocracy is bunging him?

Also, see Stroppy, she’s spot on:

I’m not going to shut up about it because people like George see criticism as part of the propaganda against Iran. The reality is Iran is a reactionary, repressive brutal state. it oppresses Lesbian and Gay people, women who step out of line, trade unionists and socialists. Shutting up shows us as apologists and abandons the people we should support.

Its unprincipled, disgusting and also tactically stupid.

The BBC News 24 interview with Peter Tatchell is good, although the preceding commentary is a bit wishy-washy.

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13/03/2008 at 18:15

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