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PR and the Taliban.

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We should live in the world immune to PR, immune to spin and thoroughly inoculated against cheap political games. However, the reality is all politicians and political parties use techniques to put over their policies in the best possible light, to modify them, take off the rough edges and hopefully win over gullible voters.

Tony Blair did it, David Cameron is doing it and Mullah Omar is even trying his hand as it, as the Times reports:

“Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban press spokesman, has appeared on the World Service’s Have Your Say programme, answering questions from listeners. … the encounter was arranged through a series of intermediaries – with the apparent approval of Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader. … Mujahid claims they are the victims of western propaganda and insists: “We have even stopped beheading people.””

That’s the gaffe, the Taliban are admitting that they used to behead people.

Presumably, the Taliban have realized that hacking people’s hands off, beheading them and throwing acid in women’s faces are not terribly good propaganda tools in their desire to become the Afghan government in waiting.

So for the time being the Taliban are utilizing PR, possibly restraining some of their natural authoritarian and murderous tendencies and hoping that they will be seen in a better light in the West.

However, no one should have any illusions about the Taliban, they presided over a regime with THE worst human rights records in the world. Their barbarism and butchery were legend.

So no matter the PR or spin, let’s not be fooled by the Taliban or it will be ordinary Afghans, women and children who will ultimately suffer at the hands of the Taliban and are beheaded for the least infraction.

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15/12/2008 at 01:28

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