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Apologies To Marko.

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I made a mistake by allowing David Gibbs a guest post.

At the time I thought he was a reasonable academic who deserved a right of reply, however, subsequently I have had time to reflect on my poor judgement.

I could excuse it away by saying I was rushed and I often tend to give people the benefit of the doubt in such matters. I could say I thought it would be informative to see these issues thrashed out, but that’s not good enough.

It was very poor timing, inconvenient for everyone except seemingly Professor Gibbs, and at the very least it should have been put off for another time.

In truth, I should have probably said “use someone else’s blog or create your own”. But that’s not good enough

So my sincere apologies to Marko Attila Hoare, who was stuck in Germany when this first came about, by the excessive snow and blocked airports. I can appreciate how difficult it was for him.

Dr. Hoare was rightly annoyed at matters, but made a conscious effort to put all that behind him and deal with Gibbs’ arguments.

I haven’t reviewed the thread with any real attention to detail, and will probably cover its contents in a future post.

Dr. Hoare deserved better, I am very sorry for the hassle and inconvenience that I caused him.

In the future, should Professor Gibbs want a “right of reply” then he can use the able services of his friend and fan, Louis Proyect or post in the comments boxes, like everyone else.

I won’t make the same mistake twice!

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  1. Many thanks for this, Mod; you are a true gentleman. If only all bloggers were like you.

    Marko Attila Hoare

    13/01/2011 at 11:51

  2. Marko,

    I do, really, regret the hassle and annoyance caused to you.

    I intend to follow up on the issues raised, the arguments put, forms of denial, etc time permitting.

    good luck 🙂


    13/01/2011 at 15:07

  3. Reply to the Anonymous and Unaccountable Moderator

    A consistent problem in addressing the substantive issues on Yugoslavia has been the conduct of the moderator, who has slanted the entire discussion in Hoare’s favor, and has violated his own rules of conduct in doing so.

    One example will suffice: On January 11, 2011, the moderator demanded that I “clarify” my views of the Srebrenica massacre, and answer a series of questions regarding the massacre. In reality, I had already addressed all of these points, not once but several times, throughout the course of the debate. In badgering me to repeat myself again and again on this issue, the moderator was in essence posing the classic courtroom question: “When did you stop beating your wife?” I am not interested in playing these games.

    Given the moderator’s conduct, I can well understand why he wishes to remain anonymous.

    Another problem has been the venomous often fanatical tone adopted by many of the posters to Modernityblog. This tone reminds me of the rhetoric I see emanating from right-wing extremist groups in the United States. I have had ample opportunity to view the latter at close range, from where I live in Tucson, Arizona.

    It is for the above reasons that I have dropped out of the debate on Modernityblog some time ago. However, I shortly will be writing a detailed response to the always error-prone Mr. Hoare, which will be posted to Louis Proyect’s website,

    On my book, the anonymous moderator makes the following comment:

    “I suspect that over time Professor Gibbs’ book will be liberally torn apart, for its doubtful use of sources, misrepresentation of data, and speculative interpretations.”

    This certainly sounds like a courageous criticism – until you realize that the “critic” is not even willing to reveal his name.

    David Gibbs

    23/01/2011 at 11:17

  4. For anyone interested, here is the third part of my critique of Gibbs’s book, concerning the myth that Germany encouraged Croatia to secede from Yugoslavia:

    Marko Attila Hoare

    24/01/2011 at 13:10

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