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Conspiracies, The CIA And The Racist, Israel Shamir.

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There are conflicting events, overlapping narratives and some downright strange articles being posted concerning Wikileaks and the charges against Julian Assange.

The Raw Story has an accusation, which I find pretty disgusting and slightly improbable, that one of the defendants in the case against Julian Assange is a CIA agent.

It is only when you look into the story that alarm bells start ringing, and if the name Israel Shamir doesn’t mean anything to you, then you are lucky.

Shamir is a Far Rightist and a mean antisemite, as Michael C. Moynihan demonstrates:

“So who is Israel Shamir, Counterpunch’s resident intelligence correspondent? Alternately known as Jöran Jermas and Adam Ermash, Shamir is a fringe writer who has devoted his professional life to exposing the supposed criminality of “Jewish power,” a paranoid anti-Semite who curates a website full of links to Holocaust denial and neo-Nazi sites, defenses of blood libel myths, and references to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Ali Abunimah, Hussein Ibish, and Nigel Parry have warned their fellow Palestinian activists to avoid contact with Shamir, citing his frequent forays into the sewers of Jew-hatred. The British anti-fascist magazine Searchlight (along with its Swedish sister magazine Expo) showed that Shamir is a “Swedish anti-Semite” who has repeatedly lied about his past, not a truth-telling Israeli dissident.

Spend a few minutes on Shamir’s website and here’s some of what you’ll learn: Imprisoned neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel is a “German political prisoner of Zion”; Maria Poumier, a French Holocaust denier whose work Shamir publishes, claims that the “Nazi-jewish H[olocaust] was just a civil war between European brothers”; Shamir himself believes that the Holocaust “narrative is Jewish, it belongs to Jews, and it has no meaning but as manifestation of Jewish supremacy.” Shamir also asserts that the pro-Nazi historian David Irving “was sentenced [to prison] for denial of Jewish superiority,” warning his readers of “Jewish mind-control on a world scale.” On the Auschwitz death camp, Shamir says that “The camp was an internment facility, attended by the Red Cross (as opposed to the US internment centre in Guantanamo).””

I think we know what he’s up to, best disregard this nonsense until there is solid evidence.

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  1. The personal details of the two women were plastered all over /b/ yesterday. Later, a wikipedia entry (now deleted) appeared about one of them, claiming she was a “far right pro-american”, and providing a piece by this yahoo as source.


    10/12/2010 at 00:38

  2. Agreed, there is an excess of personal details on the web. I came across a lot when doing my searches…not nice.


    10/12/2010 at 00:53

  3. Counterpunch is disgusting. The Shamir/Bennett article contains four of their pathologies in one: Stalinophilia, exhibited here both in its softcore Castroite variety and in its demonisation of Trotskyists and other independent leftists for being “anti-Communist” (why is “anti-Communist” a term of abuse?); enabling of antisemitism under the alibi of anti-Zionism and pseudo-radical conspiracy theories; misogyny, as in the idea that feminism is nothing more than “the sport of male-bashing” ; and the paranoid idea that history and politics is not driven by the dynamics of class and the interests of capital but rather the conspiracies of shadowy occult forces.


    11/12/2010 at 22:03

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