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Advocating The Slaughter Of Jews.

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I don’t read the Guardian nowadays so I find that CiF Watch provides a very useful service in documenting the ongoing racism which is found in the paper, and particularly on Comment is Free.

The stuff you see there is nauseating and invariably attacks Jews under the guise of “Zionists”, but I haven’t seen any CiF posters advocating the slaughter of Jews, until now.

A certain user, WilliamBapthorpe, posted the following on 6 January 2010, 1:08 PM:

“We’ve been doing that for the last forty years till we’re blue in the face. Sadly there’s only one way to deal with these religiously motivated maniacs who think their superstitious beliefs from international law. 1. We asked them to leave their squats, kindly. 2. If they don’t, we force them to at gunpoint. 3. If they still refuse, they must be slaughtered, every last man, woman and child.

Yes, that’s right, he is advocating that Jews in the West Bank be slaughtered.

You might think that such a comment would get the user banned from CiF, but no. He is still posting, eventually the comment was removed but WilliamBapthorpe’s account is still very much alive.

It is astonishing that the CiF moderators and editors didn’t ban the user, in fact he’s still actively posting as his account shows “williambapthorpe’s comment 12 Jan 10, 12:55pm (15 minutes ago)”

You would imagine that even people at the Guardian would realise that a line has been crossed?

But no, they didn’t.

You might want to email and ask her why.

Update 1: Over at Robin Shepherd’s blog, Matt Seaton, editor of Comment is Free, tries to defend the indefensible. I would recommend reading Mitnaged’s reply:

13. Mitnaged Says:
January 12th, 2010 at 11:20 pm

Excuse me, Matt Seaton, but which planet have you beamed in from?

Today’s not so little incident from the egregious Bapthorpe is the result of your deliberate cultivation of a climate of Israel-hatred above the line which often results in barely-concealed Jew-hatred below it from the usual suspects whom you would not dream of banning, and yet you ban pro-Israel posters (many of whom happen to be Jewish) at the drop of a hat!

Your blog allowed incitement towards killing Jews, Matt Seaton, to remain online for long enough for other blogs, eg CiF Watch, to pick it up.

You say “..As for contributors being ‘frequently banned merely for voicing politely worded comments which oppose the demonisation of Israel’, I would love to be presented with a single instance (since I note you do not offer one). As you and I have discussed, you yourself have an open invitation to contribute to Cif…”

You banned me, Matt Seaton for far, far less than you allow WilliamBapthorpe to continue posting. I opposed your allowing Hamas terrorists and apologists for them to post on CiF. Hamas hates Jews doesn’t it? I opposed their Jew-hatred, politely and assertively. I did not call for all of them to be killed or for any of them to be harmed. But I was banned permanently from CiF.

“The idea, moreover, that Cif (or the Guardian more generally) is waging a ‘campaign of hatred’ against Israel is demonstrably untrue.”

I have this strange sensation of sinking into an alternative reality Matt Seaton. Demonstrate for us HOW it is untrue (given the number of ill-researched, badly constructed articles which are economical with the facts about Israel which you commission for CiF).

“We work hard to maintain a wide range of voices on all topics, with an appropriate editorial balance..”

You may work hard but not on this. If there is such a “wide range of voices on all topics” why is CiF so obsessed with the Israel-Palestine issue? Why are there so few articles by comparison about the appalling human rights in Saudi and under Hamas in Gaza? Why are there not frequent articles about the continued breaches of the cease fire by Hamas, and their effects on the citizens of Sderot and the surrounding areas?

“…this includes vigilance and sensitivity in our coverage of Israel and the Middle East…”

See my previous question and again, no it doesn’t. You are much less sensitive to Israeli opinion than you are to anti-Israel opinion. This is reflected by the heavy emphasis on anti-Israel articles, Matt Seaton (note: above the line by means of the articles) which makes it easy for people like WilliamBapthorpe to publish his incitement to murder and other egregious nonsense below the line.

“… The notion that we enable and abet ‘bigotry’ is so far wide of the mark, Robin, that, frankly, it damages your authority and credibility as a journalist and author in promoting it…”

Now you are becoming hysterical Matt Seaton. Of course CiF aids and abets bigotry! It publishes ill-researched anti-Israel opinion as hard fact and such editorial ineptitude , as I have already written, opens the door to the hatred below the line. Your moderators show their bias time and time again.

And the sentence above to Robin puts paid entirely to whatever shreds of credibility you and CiF might ever have had.”

[My emphasis.]

Update 2: Yaacov Lozowick has another take on the matter, please do read his letter to the Guardian, it makes an important point.

Update 3: Here’s Simply Jews take on it.

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12/01/2010 at 14:22

Rod Liddle’s Racism.

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Left Foot Forward has a piece on Rod Liddle’s racist outbursts, well, they are not that, mere outbursts or throw away comments. They were written and printed in the cold light of day:

“F*** off back to where you’re from, then, you Muslims. Anjem Choudray, who dreamed up the march, is one of those thick-as-mince gobby little chancers who could only possibly come from Britain — Welling, Kent, in this particular case. “

And Liddle might become the editor of the British Independent ? It beggars belief, what an obnoxious and moronic individual he is.

According to his entry on Wiki (best taken with a handful of salt) Liddle was once a member of the Socialist Workers’ Party.


Update 1: It seems that Liddle has form.

Update 2: Thanks to Five Chinese Crackers who pointed me towards Charlotte Gore’s Rod Liddle Has Shit For Brains.

Update 3: There’s a Facebook group on Liddle’s activities.

Update 4: Over at the Torygraph Toby Young, who seems to have the intellectual calibre of a dog biscuit, is pitching for a job from Liddle in a rather blatant fashion.

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Photographed And Fingerprinted

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The Independent has an awful tale of how children are treated at Yarl’s Wood:

“The thundering knock came early in the morning. It was 6.30am. Without waiting for an answer the security chain across the door was smashed from its fittings. Feet thundered up the staircase. The five children, all under the age of 10, were alarmed to be woken from their sleep by the dozen burly strangers who burst into their bedrooms, switched on the lights and shouted at them to get up.

This is not a police state. It is Manchester in supposedly civilised Britain in the 21st century. There is a clue to what this is about in the names of the children: Nardin, who is 10; Karin who is seven; the three-year-old twins Bishoy and Anastasia, and their one-year-old baby sister Angela.

Their parents, Hany and Samah Mansour, are Coptic Christians who fled to the UK after a campaign of persecution by a group of Islamic fundamentalists in Egypt whose friends in the secret police tortured Hany. But even though six Coptic Christians were shot dead by Muslim extremists only last week in a town not far from their home, the British Government has decided that it does not believe them. And so Britain’s deportation police have launched another of their terrifying dawn raids on sleeping children.”

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