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Johanna Kaschke’s Appeal.

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According to the Index on Censorship:

“Lady Justice Smith today refused blogger and activist Johanna Kaschke the right to appeal against a judgement which deemed her suing of David Osler an abuse of process.

In 2008 Kaschke sued the labour blogger Osler for libel, reacting to a post on his site which referenced an article in leading German news publication Der Spiegel. This article reported her wrongful arrest by German police in 1975.”

Update 1: This past post hopefully will provide some background, Jack And Johanna.

Update 2: There is a long history to this case and the posts below should help clarify the issues:

John Gray, Alex Hilton And Johanna Kaschke’s Libels.

The Implications.

Jack’s Shorter Version.

The Judgement.

Dave Osler Has Won!!

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